College HUNKS specializes in hauling heavy items and furniture so here are some tips on moving heavy furniture

Tips on how to move heavy furniture College Hunks

Hauling heavy furniture is the most challenging task when moving to a new home. Let College HUNKS help! We specialize in hauling your heaviest furniture pieces safely. If you’re undertaking the task of moving heavy furniture yourself, there are several things you can do to lighten the load and protect yourself and your heavy furniture pieces from damage.

First, decide how you will maneuver the furniture to its destination outside and inside your home. Figure out your “route” and clear the area to create a safe pathway. When possible, remove all drawers and items stored inside to lighten and distribute the weight evenly. Next, measure furniture and doorways to ensure the piece will fit through doors and hallways with ease. If necessary, disassemble odd-shaped or protruding features on the furniture that could potentially hurt or hinder moving it through a doorway or hall. To protect your furniture, use furniture blankets and tie-downs or wrap it in plastic.

Once your furniture is wrapped and ready, with assistance, use power from your legs to lift furniture onto a dolly or hand truck to further transport it with ease. If you’re on carpet, tile, or hardwood floors and need to move a piece slightly or across the room and don’t have a hand truck or dolly, carefully lift each corner of the furniture and place felt sliders underneath to allow you to slide furniture across the floor without damaging the floor or the furniture.

Without a doubt, the best way to move heavy furniture is to leave the heavy lifting to the HUNKS. College HUNKS Hauling Junk & Moving offers stress-free and hassle-free moving of your heaviest furniture, whether it’s down the hall, across town, or you need it hauled away for good. Call us to schedule your upcoming move!

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