Mileage Costs May Play A Role In Some Moves

Some locations charge per mile but some do not. The specific costs associated with a move will vary based on the moving company, the distance, the location, and the complexity of the move. All of this should be discussed ahead of moving day to avoid any misunderstandings and last-minute changes in your moving day plans.

Do movers charge per mile?

For local moves (often less than 50 miles), most moving quotes will be determined based on the number of hours, number of HUNKS, and size of the truck needed to complete the job. For long-distance moves, your mover will likely factor in the total mileage they can expect to travel to your new destination. However, it will not be the only thing considered when providing you with a quote. The weight and volume of items you are moving will also be considered as well as tolls, overnight accommodations (if needed), and moving insurance.

You may want to keep in mind a few other factors that could impact your moving cost in addition to ‘per mile’ charges. Discuss the items below with the movers ahead of time to avoid any stressful moments on a moving day.

  • Packing materials. Moving companies charge differently for packing materials. Some movers may bundle the cost of materials into their hourly rate but others may not.
  • Parking fees or permits. If your moving company will need to park the moving truck overnight either during transport or at the new destination, they may need to get permits from the city and these often incur a fee.
  • Elevator or stair usage. If you’re moving into a building, you may need access to the stairs or elevator which could add time to your move.
  • Oversized or complicated items. Items like oversized furniture, pianos, or workout equipment can be difficult to move which may mean an additional fee.

College HUNKS Hauling Junk & Moving takes great pride in making the moving process stress-free for all of our customers. Over the years, our professional movers have seen it all and learned a lot. Feel free to call us with any questions or concerns about the charges you can expect for your move, and don't forget to get a free estimate for your move.

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