Not sure how to pack your clothes up for that big move? Here are some packing tips to make the process easier!

Can you leave clothes in the dresser when moving | College HUNKS Moving Tips

Yes, you can leave clothes in the dresser when moving, but you will need to remove the drawers from the dresser, as we are unable to move dressers with clothes in them. If you decide to go this route, you will then want to wrap your drawers in plastic to help keep items from falling out. This offers a quick and convenient option but keep in mind that it also lacks the security and sealed solution needed to safely store clothes during your move—this may work for local moves but not so much for long-distance moves. Boxes and hanging boxes with rods are the most common and recommended way to transport clothing during a move. Dust, dirt, and moisture can’t cause damage to your clothing that is sealed up in secure boxes.

Here are a few general tips for packing clothing that you’ll want to keep in mind:

· Ensure clothes are clean before packing

· Take drawers out of the dresser to lighten the weight of the dresser and carry the drawers with you in the car

· Use small and medium boxes for clothing so they don’t get too heavy

· Line the boxes or wrap clothes in packing paper to keep them clean

· Pack clothes you plan to wear close to or on moving day in a travel bag or suitcase

· Consider using vacuum bags, suitcases, or duffel bags for packing clothes

No matter how you decide to pack your clothing, College HUNKS Hauling Junk & Moving® will ensure everything arrives safely at your new home. We have various boxes appropriate for packing clothing as well as packing paper and other packing supplies available for purchase so you don’t have to hunt these items down at a retail store. Call us today to book your stress-free move!

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