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Meet Our San Diego North Team

Our dedicated College HUNKS team is highly trained and ready to serve you. Each HUNK is carefully selected and chosen to live up to the HUNKS name of being Honest, Uniformed, Nice, Knowledgeable and Service driven. We always strive to provide you with a completely stress-free experience! Here are some of the members on our team who you might interact with on the day of your service:

  • John Allen


    John grew up in southern California, and after a 20-year career in finance, he and his wife and co-owner Quinn and their two kids, Henry and Sloane, made the decision to pursue entrepreneurship and open College Hunks San Diego North. We are grateful to be serving the beautiful San Diego communities of: La Jolla, Pacific Beach, Mission Beach, North Clairemont/Clairemont, Bay Ho, University City/UTC, Torrey Pines, Mira Mesa, and Tierrasanta. We are dedicated to building the leaders of tomorrow today, and having fun while doing it! We are proud of our commitment to donating and recycling 70% of the items we collect from our customers, and aim to provide 5 star, white glove service in our stress-free moves. College Hunks San Diego North partners with Goodwill, Habitat for Humanity, The Salvation Army, several local organizations that work with Veterans and San Diego homeless, including AMVETS and Father Joes Village. College Hunks Hauling Junk and Moving also is a partner with US Hunger, donating two meals for each job we complete, with over 3 million meals donated! We love our neighbors in San Diego and look forward to giving back with Honest, Uniformed, Nice, Knowledgeable Service.

  • Duc Nguyen


    Duc was born in Vietnam and moved to the US as a young child with his whole family. He is currently enrolled in Miramar College, studying to be an aircraft mechanic. Duc is an avid gamer, spending time away from work honing his skills online playing Rainbow 6 and Call of Duty. He has a sweet tooth for the American bakery favorite, the glazed donut. If Duc won the lottery he would invest in the stock market and continue to work because he "loves the grind!"

  • Darren McNaughton


    Darren is a San Diego native, born and raised in Escondido. He hass been stationed all over Europe during his time in the military, living in Italy for a couple of years, and he still serves in the reserves. Darren field of study is criminal justice and he is a die hard Padres fan. No surprise that as a native of San Diego, Darren's favorite food is the infamous California burrito! If they made a movie about Darrens life it would be an action flick, something like Die Hard and Rambo combined with a great soundtrack!

  • Felipe Lara


    Felipe is a San Diego native, born and raised and is currently studying Political Science at Grossmont College. If there was a movie made about Felipes life, it would no doubt be an action movie with Tom Hardy playing Felipe, soundtracked by thrilling music. A fun fact about Felipe, he did semi-professional MMA for a while. He also loves Chinese food and is interested in the stock market and Cryptocurrency.

  • Isaac Perez headshot.

    Isaac Perez


  • Josh Glisson

    Senior Wingman

    Josh is San Diego College Hunks Hauling Junk & Moving only professional basketball Hunk - he played all over the world pursuing his dreams of playing in the NBA. He studied sociology while in school and loves interacting with customers; learning what their interests and passions are, a true hunk of the people. Josh stays active in the gym and on the basketball court and if he won the lottery he'd start a business and load up on stocks and land, dream big Josh! The music to the movie soundtrack of Josh's life would be hip hop with a little country mixed in for y'all. Josh is a brand new dad, welcoming baby Zayden in November of 2022!

  • Alexander Winkler

    Senior Wingman

    Alexander is originally from Jamaica and moved to Michigan as a young child, can you say Cool Runnings?!? He is a Navy veteran and is a service-focused person, enjoying any activity that helps others. In his free time Alexander loves surfing, soccer, working out, listening to music with friends, and is an avid reader. Alex's friends call him Rafiki because he's got great intuition when it comes to people, a Dr. Phil type Hunk! If a movie was made of Alex's life, it would be an adventure movie, soundtracked by Reggae and Alex would be played by Kevin Hart, now that sounds like an absolute blockbuster! Ya mon!

  • Zach Barnes-Strametz


    Zach was raised in Ramona and now calls Santee home, a San Diegan native. Zach loves the outdoors and strives to stay active with hobbies like hiking, basketball, and trips to the beach. If Zach won the lottery, he would invest his winnings into income producing investments like stock and real estate, smart move young man! His first concert was country music and he loves a bacon cheeseburger - who doesn't am I right?!?! Zach loves to be on a team and the cooperation of several Hunks working together to improve their clients' experience.

  • Caleb Rankin


    Caleb is originally from Arkansas, but got to San Diego as quick as he could. Caleb is a U.S. Marine veteran and is currently an environmental science major at Palomar College. Caleb loves the outdoors and spends as much time with his Golden Labradoodle puppy as he can, as well as camping, and hiking. If Caleb won the lottery, he would buy a new Tacoma truck and as much sushi as he could handle. A movie about the life of Caleb, would star Leonardo DiCaprio and would be an intense action flick!

  • Andrea San Martin


    Andrea is a native San Diegan, currently living in Ocean Beach. Andrea is a California Firefighter and we could not be prouder to have her as a College Hunk in the fire offseason. Andrea has 2 dogs that keep her busy and active, she also enjoys hiking and off-roading - loves the mud! If a movie was made of Andrea life, it would start Selena Gomez in an action comedy like The Expendables, and it would be soundtracked by Blink182 and Linkin Park - sounds like an exciting flick! If Andrea won the lottery, she buy her parents a big house to live in. Woohunk, Andrea!

  • Phi Nguyen


    Phi moved to the US from Vietnam with his brother Duc (another College Hunk) and is currently enrolled at Miramar College Hunks studying computer science. In his free time, Phi likes to play the game Beat Saber and creates rhythm levels for the game. His favorite food is Vietnamese noodles known as Bun Rieu. If Phi won the lottery he would buy his family a large home they could all live in together. Phi says the hands down best part about his work at College Hunks Hauling Junk & Moving is getting to work with his big brother, Duc!

  • Nick Royer


    Nick was born in Ocean Beach and is a San Diego lifeguard as well as performing his Hunk duties for San Diego North College Hunks. Nick surfs in his free time and his favorite food is Mexican. Nick studied behavioral science in school and is interested in understanding how people process information and how individuals think about things differently. Fun fact about Nick is he's only been stung by a stingray once while surfing - we hope it stays that way!

  • Sampson Bleu


    Sampson grew up in Pacific Beach surfing as young grom at the age of 3. He is currently studying kinesiology at Mesa College and hope to spread the healthy way of living fit when he graduates in a few years. Sampson also has trained MMA and Jiu Jitsu for the last 10 years. Sampson enjoys a California burrito as his favorite food and if he won the lottery, he would invest almost all of it and take his family to travel the world with the rest - to surf the best waves obviously! If a movie was made of Sampsons life, it would be an action-adventure starring Sean Penn and would be soundtracked by Reggae.

  • Bruno Silva headshot.

    Bruno Silva


  • Jonathan Ramirez headshot.

    Jonathan Ramirez


  • College Hunk employee.

    Dan Williams


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