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How Much Do Movers Cost?

January 5, 2021

And What Determines Price?

While imagining a new life in your new home is exciting, planning the moving part isn't always as rosy. If your lease is about to expire or you are closing on a new home, it becomes crucial to understand the cost of moving. The question, "How much do movers cost?" hovers in your mind and pushes you into research. Fortunately, in this article, College HUNKS Hauling Junk & Moving® helps you understand how to begin to budget for a seamless transition into your new home.

How Much Are Movers?

Your total moving cost will be based on several different factors such as the size of your household or business, distance, materials, and labor. Understanding all that can affect the cost of moving is the first step to answering this question. We’ll help answer the moving cost question by looking at the type of move (local vs. out of state), additional services, and moving date:

1. Moving locally

Moving within the same area affects your moving costs in several ways. Some moving companies may charge you a fixed rate for a local move. The fixed rate, however, depends on the number of workers required to complete the job.

As the client, a fixed rate may sound appealing, but may include services, time or labor you don’t need, and exclude others you’d like to have.

Inevitably, moving more items increases your labor costs, which affects your overall cost. Keep in mind, all companies have various methods for finding a final price.

To prepare to receive a quote on your local move, know the distance and approximate volume of items being moved. Decide if you’d like to pack yourself or hire a company to pack your home, and load and unload the truck. During your research, it's also essential to receive estimates and ensure you understand how each company prices their moves to avoid surprises.

So, what will a local move cost you?

As the distance and labor need increases, the overall cost of hiring movers also increases. Receiving estimates from reliable movers will give you a reasonable price estimate, and you can start making financial arrangements before the move date.

2. Moving Interstate

An interstate move, or long-distance move, will typically be priced differently than a local move. Moving out of state is significantly more dependent on the weight and volume of your items. In this case, the more rooms full of furniture, the higher the cost of hiring professional movers.

Online moving calculators can help you estimate the cost of moving across state lines. With an understanding of the volume, weight, and distance, you can get a reasonable estimate and start budgeting. In addition, interstate moving companies may require the purchase of additional insurance. Be sure to ask about pricing before signing any agreements that commit you to paying additional fees. Long-distance moving companies should offer you a customized plan to meet your needs and it's best to consult a professional moving company for a specific quote.

At College HUNKS Hauling Junk & Moving, our team of moving experts will work with you on a strategic plan to ensure your needs are met.

3. Additional Moving Services

Additional moving services and supplies such as packing materials and packing services will contribute to the overall cost. You can hire College HUNKS to pack your items in boxes, wrap your furniture, label, and seal your moving boxes, unpack, and assemble furniture for you. If you just need some extra help, College HUNKS Hauling Junk & Moving offers hourly labor service that can assist you with any parts of your move that may require an extra set of hands.

Each of the additional services comes with extra costs and varying charges. For instance, packing your items requires labor and moving supplies. Reference your list of needs to ensure you’re getting all the services you require, and not being charged for those you do not need. College HUNKS Hauling Junk & Moving has an assortment of moving, junk and labor services, and are ready to help.

4. Moving Date

The cost of moving is also affected by demand. High peak seasons can affect moving costs. For example, May to September is exceptionally busy for moving companies. Students and families move during this late spring and summer period because of school calendars and activities. If you can be flexible to avoid the rush, you can better manage your moving costs.

Demand for moving companies is typically highest at the beginning and the end of the month. Most people end their leases at the end of a month and start new leases at the beginning of the month. If possible, aim to move in the middle of the month.

Also, if trying to manage costs, it's better to move during the week instead of on the weekend. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are busy travel days, not to mention that moving companies are in higher demand. To lower the cost of hiring a moving company, schedule your move between Monday and Thursday.

In Need of a Moving Estimate?

Do you need a quote on the cost of hiring a professional moving company? Contact College HUNKS Hauling Junk & Moving today for a customized quote and excellent moving services.