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What You Should Look for in Your Franchisor

June 14, 2021

What Should You Look for in Your Franchisor?

Your choice of which franchise to buy involves a lot more than money. Although money is an extremely important part of your decision, there are other equally important aspects of franchise ownership to consider. Assuming you have done the math, know what you can afford to invest, and that the franchises you are interested in have shown solvency, success, growth, and potential, think about which one would be the right fit for you as an individual.


Know your talents

Take an inventory of the skills you have gathered throughout your life and your professional experience. Identify those skills that you have enjoyed using the most and the ones that delivered the most success for you. Are you great at managing people? Do you have significant technology skills? Do you enjoy mentoring people? How comfortable are you with financials/accounting?

Once you understand the activities you enjoy doing and the ones that have yielded positive results for you in the past, you will see that these talents are likely transferrable to running businesses in many different industries.


Know your vision, and whether the franchise will support it

Next, think about how you see yourself using your talents to achieve your business and life goals–because your work and your life are highly connected. You will want to choose a franchise that syncs with your vision of how you see yourself succeeding in the world. To find out which ones will meet your needs, take a close look at whether the franchises you are considering have philosophies and values that align with yours. Ask yourself, Can I see myself partnering with the franchise’s management team? Do I feel comfortable integrating into the community of franchisees? Am I likely to feel supported by both as I strive to succeed? 


Ask about the franchisor’s mission, culture, and values to understand how your vision syncs with the franchise

Any franchisor you are considering joining should be able to clearly articulate its vision, mission, culture, and values to you. And you should feel comfortable with these being the driving forces of the brand. At College HUNKS Hauling Junk & Moving, our purpose, vision, mission, and values are clear. 

  • Our Vision
    We are headed towards being the largest and most popular employer of professionally trained collegiate workers and to be a launchpad for entrepreneurs that open their own College HUNKS Hauling Junk & Moving businesses, or who use the lessons they learn in our business to launch other concepts and power the economy.
  • Our Mission
    Our mission is to help people live the American dream of owning a business and making a positive impact.
  • Our Purpose
    Our purpose is to “move the world”– not only literally, as a moving company and a junk removal franchise, but also emotionally as a world-class leader in the customer service industry.
  • Our Core Values
    We have four core values that help drive our franchise partners’ success.
    o    Building leaders
    o    Always branding
    o    Creating a fun, enthusiastic team environment
    o    Listen, fulfill, and delight (the WOW effect)

In our partnerships with over 150 franchisees, we have created a culture at College HUNKS that is rooted in mentoring, business coaching, support, and community. We believe that our franchise partner mentoring program has been a critical part of the success we have seen. Our mentoring program is unique and sets us apart from other franchise businesses as we emphasize supporting our franchisees in every way possible to facilitate their success.

The College HUNKS franchise system, with over 150 locations operating across the US and Canada, has more than doubled in size since 2010 and has experienced 500% systemwide growth since 2013. In 2019, College HUNKS Hauling Junk & Moving reached $100 million in revenue. In 2020, despite the pandemic, our franchisees continued to find success as more franchisees joined the brand. 2021 is already looking very promising and we are eager to continue making a difference in our communities as we grow our brand.

Looking for an opportunity to join our network of successful franchise partners? We currently have territories available in the US and Canada–including options in major cities in every region. Call our team today to learn how you can be a successful entrepreneur supported by a strong, national brand.