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Tips for Finding a Mentor | College H.U.N.K.S.® Hauling Junk and Moving

September 15, 2020

Tips for Finding a Mentor | College H.U.N.K.S.® Hauling Junk and Moving

A mentor can be a great asset for anyone in a professional role, but for franchise owners, it can be an especially powerful tool. People who have mentors have been proven to have better successes in their work life, and having a support system to answer your questions and help you make sure you are on the right track can be so valuable.

While many of our franchisees find mentors in other, more experienced franchise owners in the network, your mentor can be anyone! Here are some tips for finding the right fit for you:

Tips to Find a Mentor as a Franchise Owner

Find someone familiar with the system. While your mentor does not necessarily need to be a franchise owner in our system—or a franchise owner at all—it might be helpful to find someone who is familiar with the concept of franchising in general as you begin your search. Your mentor will help advise you on making good business decisions and being a better leader, so someone familiar with the nuances of franchise ownership can be helpful.

Find someone who you admire. It is wise to find a mentor who you have a lot of respect for—and it is even better if their career goals line up with where you want to be long-term. Your mentor should be someone you can look up to, so finding someone you admire is so important to starting the relationship off right. Whether their expertise and role is exactly where you want to be or you just have respect for how they got there, your mentor should inspire the same types of success in you.

Find someone who can help you reach your goals. As you begin to look for a mentor, finding someone who can help you reach your goals is a must. You should not only be able to identify your goals in accordance with the SMART principles, but you should also be able to communicate them so your mentor can help you in achieving them.

Joining a franchise is a fantastic way to find a new community and your career so you can be supported as you reach all of your professional goals. Contact us to learn more about franchising today and discover the community we have built up for our franchisees.