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What We Learned From Our Visit To Google HQ

May 17, 2018

Our continuous innovation and technology focus make College Hunks one of the best franchise opportunities around

When Google recently invited members of our leadership team to tour their headquarters, we jumped at the chance. Few companies in history have changed the world the way Google has, and we wanted to pick their brains, see what we could learn and bring some fresh insights back with us.

And of course, we had to return the favor, bringing a few Google staffers to our own new headquarters during our recent convention. We’re proud to say they liked what they saw.

“It was validating when our Google partners told us that our HQ reminds them of a ‘mini Google campus,’” says College Hunks President and Co-Founder Nick Friedman.

Our headquarters aren’t the only thing we have in common. Here are just a few ways we’ve taken lessons from entrepreneurs who came before us and pushed the junk hauling and moving industries to new heights.

Cutting-edge tech gives franchisees a competitive advantage

Technology is changing every industry and every business, so we keep a close relationship with partners like Google and other tech powerhouses to make sure we’re always at the cutting edge of our industry. That even includes developing our own proprietary technology to keep us ahead of the competition.

It also enables our franchise owners to work smarter. Cutting out inefficiencies and streamlining the ways owners work with clients and their teams makes for a more scalable business opportunity. College Hunks franchise owners want to grow and help more people, and we’re always working on new ways to make that easier.


Being the best means always getting better

Both brands started with a partnership formed in college. Both grew from those humble beginnings into something much larger than their founders initially imagined (although we’ll admit, Google might be a little bit bigger than us). And with both brands, that growth took a lot of hard work.

And it still takes a lot of hard work; being the best means constantly improving. For example, we recently brought on a new advisory board consisting of the best and brightest across multiple industries to help us execute our growth strategy. And it’s working – we recently crossed a milestone as we brought on our 100th franchisee (across more than 250 territories nationwide), but we’re already looking forward to the next 100, and making sure that we continue to offer one of the best franchise opportunities they can invest in.

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