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Will A $15 Minimum Wage Kill My Business? Not With College Hunks. Here’s Why.

December 13, 2017

Streamlined administrative operations and growth opportunities for employees helps College Hunks owners hire great employees while reducing labor costs

Rising minimum wages and low unemployment rates are making hiring employees harder. And since you’re looking at starting a junk hauling and moving business, you’re probably wondering how that could hit your bottom line. College Hunks helps franchisees hit this potential obstacle head-on, and we do this in multiple ways.

“Ultimately we can’t control public policy and other factors that are raising wages, but what we can control is, our premium service and pricing, our culture to attract and retain better employees and our technology-enabled solutions to be more efficient,” says College Hunks President and Co-Founder Nick Friedman.

Premium service helps you adjust to the competitive landscape

One of the key ways we help franchisees beat rising labor costs is through a flexible pricing model that takes into account the different costs of different markets.

We charge a premium for our services, because our service goes above and beyond the typical junk hauling or moving experience. We stand out in the market because clients value the highest quality over the lowest price when it comes to the services we offer.

We also train franchise owners to regularly scout the competitive landscape to determine pricing and pay structure that will offer a fair price for your local market without compressing your margins. That means you’re able to stay on top of new regulations or wage increases to keep them from negatively impacting the bottom line.

Building leaders lowers labor costs and improves service

Another way our model helps franchisees with labor costs is by attracting and retaining top-quality employees, which leads to lower turnover and reduced recruiting and training costs. That leads to even more positive effects downstream through repeat business, word-of-mouth referrals and glowing online reviews.

Our emphasis on great service provides another advantage for your team, as they can receive gratuities for their services from clients. That increases their earning potential beyond just their hourly wages, motivating them to improve the level of service they provide.


College Hunks franchise owners simply have more to offer their employees, with excellent opportunities for personal and professional growth. Employee retention is all about empowering them to grow as people, advance in the organization and provide top-notch service to your clients. That gives you an edge as an employer of choice in a tight labor market. It also helps you build your management pipeline, making it easier to fill key roles as you grow your franchise and expand your team.

“I’ve built people within my company that can be in management, people who came off the trucks and will hopefully be franchisees one day,” says franchisee Trent Lott. “College Hunks is very big about taking people off the trucks and putting them into those roles. It’s up to you to strategize how you want to build your company, and I really love that about it.”


Our systems help you run a lean, efficient business

We also streamline your administrative labor costs. Our national call center has more than 100 representatives to help you handle incoming sales calls, follow-ups and other administrative tasks, which helps you run a leaner, more efficient business. It cuts down your administrative overhead, and it means that the staff you do have are revenue generators.

And it’s not just the call center that helps with your administrative costs; we’re dialed in to the latest technology and have proprietary software to help make every aspect of your operations more efficient so you can focus on generating business.

With all of those advantages working in concert, College Hunks helps franchisees proactively and smartly handle the challenges of the labor market.

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