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Proprietary Technology Helps Your Business Grow

December 19, 2017

Proprietary Technology Helps Your Business Grow

Our forward-thinking approach leverages technology to keep College Hunks and our franchisees ahead of the curve in the junk hauling and moving industries

So much of our success has come from taking a modern approach to an established industry – introducing new and innovative methods in an industry that was stuck in its ways. That comes through not just in our marketing and customer service, but also in the proprietary technology solutions and systems we use to streamline operations and make the business opportunity better for franchisees.

We’re building our brand into a disruptive tech-enabled company in a previously stagnantindustry. That’s fueling sales growth for franchisees and helped us reach more than 100 franchisees in over 250 territories nationwide.

“Technology is a major focus for us, because it reduces the administrative burden and cost for franchisees,” says Chief Revenue Officer Chris Hachey. “And it helps ensure the consistency of our service delivery, which makes for a better customer experience, which leads to repeat and referral business.”

Investing in talent and tech to lead the industry

We invest heavily in our proprietary technology because it’s worth it for our franchise owners. Having the right solutions in place has enabled our rapid rise and helps our franchisees to stand above the competition in the junk hauling and moving industries. Our scale gives us the resources to develop much of our own technology in-house, custom-tailored to suit the specific needs of our industry and our franchisees.

And to keep us pushing forward, we’re investing in our people as well, hiring forward-thinking leaders and team members with fresh ideas and 10x technology solutions that keep us ahead of the pack. Now that we’ve been around for a little while, we know the competition has seen what we can do; now we’re working to make sure we keep raising the bar so they can’t catch up. We never stop thinking about and testing new ways to use technology to transform our industry the way tech has transformed so many others.

“The way that they’re able to leverage technology in one of the oldest industries was impressive to me,” says franchisee Tom Bakke of Virginia Beach, VA. “There’s a lot of youth and enthusiasm and energy and positivity.”


A tech-enabled company makes business more efficient

How do all of those efforts benefit you? It streamlines your business, cuts overhead costs and makes your customer service better.

Our proprietary technology helps you communicate more quickly with both your team and your customers, as well as helping you keep a closer eye on the business to track results in real time. Our national call center and award-winning consumer website help you attract customers while reducing labor costs through lower administrative overhead. And we’re always improving our systems to help automate parts of your operations, enabling you to focus on what matters most in building your business.

“We are taking these steps to stay ahead of anyone out there who may be looking to disrupt us the way Uber disrupted the taxi industry,” says Hachey. “In fact, we’re doing the disrupting ourselves.”

At the end of the day, everything we do has one ultimate goal: helping franchisees win business. More advanced technology helps us reach that goal and take the lead in shaking up our industry for the better.

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