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How The College Hunks Franchise Call Center Measures Success

May 26, 2015

Sales and Loyalty Center uses customer service metrics to track customer experience and franchisees results, and uses the data to boost performance

When College Hunks Hauling Junk franchise owners are polled about what they like best about their business, the Sales and Loyalty Center routinely is near the top of the list. Why? Because it’s much more than a call center — it’s a business partner.

“We handle the incoming calls and emails from people wanting information about our services and price quotes, but we support our franchise owners in so many other ways,” says Tim Heidemann, the center’s director. “We are always putting quality measures into place that help us successfully convert those calls to bookings and get the most out of each opportunity.”

Measurable success through metrics

The Sales and Loyalty Center took 264,467 inbound calls in 2014, with each of those lasting 4.5 minutes on average. Forty percent of those were for moving estimates, another 40 percent were for junk removal and the remaining 20 percent provided various types of customer service. Even with those high numbers, the center’s staff is able to move efficiently and professionally through each encounter.

“We strive for a speed of 80/30, which means 80 percent of our calls are answered within 30 seconds,” Tim explains. “And we also work to have fewer than 5 percent of calls hang up before they reach one of our agents. We have customized software in place that allows for a caller to have the option of a callback if he or she is going to have to hold for more than a minute due to high volume. The callers keep their place ‘in line,’ without having to stay on the line. They love this feature.”

Keeping caller’s ‘spirits’ up

In addition to the volume, however, a lot of attention is paid to the tone and tenor of each call. The College Hunks Hauling Junk Sales and Loyalty Center staff wants each caller to feel valued, and so they work to be friendly and professional during the exchange.

“We have a person whose sole function is to monitor the agents and provide feedback on the spirit of the interaction — was there rapport built with the caller, things like that,” Tim says. “And we also have a ‘Voice of the Customer’ survey that goes out within 24 hours of an interaction. That rating and feedback is specific to the agent and is given to that person as a part of his or her evaluation. It’s very valuable, because people can see where they are doing well, or where they might need to improve.”

By providing constant training and feedback to Sales and Loyalty Center staffers, our team and College Hunks HQ is able to ensure that customers nationwide always encounter a friendly and professionally-trained customer service representative who is able to help them book a job, and who is able to schedule those jobs on behalf of our franchisees. Providing a great, consistent, fast and professional phone experience is critical to winning jobs in the moving and junk removal business, and our ability to provide that backbone of service on behalf of our franchisees gives them a huge advantage.

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