College Hunks Franchises Agree That Corporate is Great
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College Hunks Hauling Junk Franchisee Satisfaction Scores Outpace Competition

June 1, 2015

Service, support, marketing and training just a few of the areas where franchise owners said they were well supported

College Hunks Hauling Junk works hard to make sure its franchisees receive top-notch support from the home office, and those efforts paid off when the junk removal franchise saw an uptick across the board in Franchise Business Review’s annual Franchise Satisfaction survey.

College Hunks Franchises Agree Corporate Is Great

FBR reaches out to franchise owners in multiple business sectors every July, asking more than 40 questions about how they feel about the training and support they’re getting from the home office. Their thoughts on leadership and core values also are assessed, as well as the franchise system overall, the franchise community, the financial opportunity and their own performance and overall satisfaction. In every category, College Hunks Hauling Junk beat its previous year’s score and outpaced the junk removal franchise industry as a whole.

Franchisees applaud leadership, core values

College Hunks Hauling Junk’s senior management team merited particular praise, scoring almost 10 percent above the competition for its vision, and almost 20 percent higher for its team culture than did other junk removal and moving franchise industry players.

“There are four core areas of the business we want to improve: franchisee satisfaction, franchisee revenue, franchisee profitability and increasing the number of franchises so the brand’s value improves for everybody,” says Nick Friedman, president and co-founder. “This survey allows us to measure how we are doing in those areas and then improve our performance. The fact that our scores went up shows how well the teamwork and collaboration between the franchisees and our franchise management team is going. We are working hard to increase alignment and collaboration so that we are all working on the right priorities and providing the best resources to help everyone be successful.

Junk removal franchise community also evaluates self

One compelling angle of the FBR survey is that it allows the franchisees to grade themselves along with the franchisor. In College Hunks Hauling Junk’s case, those numbers were high as well, with 80% of owners rating the franchise community as very good, and more than 70% rating the financial opportunity as very good. Other notable numbers from FBR included high marks for leadership and core values.

College Hunks Hauling Junk never stops innovating, including ongoing efforts to expand not only the junk hauling franchise efforts, but also to move more aggressively into the moving service space, as well as into other services that fit well with its business model. That resonates with existing franchisees and with those looking to enter the market, Nick adds.

“Anytime someone is looking at buying a franchise, they’re going to do some research and see how the existing ones are doing,” he says. “They want to see not only internal numbers that are improving year over year, but also how the franchise is doing in the overall service industry and franchise industry. When our numbers are up, it’s another confidence builder for current and prospective franchisees.”

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