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Trash Butler Partnership Gives College Hunks Hauling Junk Franchise Owners Recurring Revenue Stream

December 30, 2014

Doorstep valet trash pick-up service for apartments provides the opportunity to market moving and junk removal services to entire communities

Most of College Hunks Hauling Junk’s customers are homeowners and businesses who need help from a junk removal franchise or are in need of moving services. But plenty of people live in garden-style apartment communities, so what if there were a service that gave franchisees an opportunity to serve and market to those potential customers?

Enter Trash Butler™, a doorstep valet-waste and doorstep recycling service focusing on multifamily garden-style apartment communities. Just like College Hunks, Trash Butler provides clean-cut, uniformed Trash-Butlers® to haul away unwanted items — in this case, trash from the doorsteps of apartment communities. The Trash Butler contracts are often serviced by College Hunks Hauling Junk franchise owners, giving them a recurring revenue stream on top of their moving and hauling services. Bagged trash and recyclables are left outside the door at night and are gone the next morning. Residents no longer have to carry a smelly bag of trash to the dumpster at night, plus it creates an amenity and ancillary income opportunity for the apartment communities.

Every day is trash day somewhere

In addition to its benefit for apartment dwellers and apartment managers, the value of Trash Butler’s valet trash services’ recurring revenue stream to our franchise owners is clear, says College Hunks Hauling Junk Co-founder and President Nick Friedman.

“It’s a win for everybody. Our franchise owners serve the contracts that Trash Butler secures with the property owner or manager,” Nick says. “The residents get a valuable amenity for a small fee, the property gets to differentiate themselves and create an ancillary source of revenue, and our franchise owners get a recurring revenue stream, which is difficult to come by for a moving franchise and junk removal franchise. It also becomes a high-density source of new business for our franchises’ junk removal and moving services.”

In addition to the doorstep valet waste pickup, crews also clean the area around dumpsters. Apartment communities who subscribe to Trash Butler receive a special container for their residents to use for their trash and recyclables, making it a turn-key service. Residents also receive a discount on junk removal or moving, solidifying College Hunks Hauling Junk as the property’s primary service provider.

Safe, secure and value-added service

“We wanted to get into the multifamily market, and we knew that adding a service that would benefit residents and management companies would be more successful than just a targeted marketing campaign,” Nick explains. “By offering trash and recycling removal from uniformed professionals who are bonded and insured, we provide a service that benefits everyone on the premises. We are sure that our franchise owners will also see the benefits when those residents are looking to move, or when the building’s owner needs help emptying units or has other removal and moving needs.”

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