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How To Get Rid of an Old Mattress

July 20, 2022

How Can I Get Rid of an Old Mattress?

When you've used your mattress for a long time and you no longer need it, you can dispose of it in many ways. Whether the mattress is in good or poor condition, you should consider proper ways to dispose of it. The process can be challenging and comes with a bit of heavy lifting and awkward maneuvering to get the mattress out of your home, into your vehicle and off to its final destination. In this case, it is best to research and to determine the best ways to dispose of your mattress properly. Read on to learn about what to do with your mattress, whether in good or poor condition. 

5 Ways to Dispose of Your Mattress 

Recycle It 

Recycling is an environment-friendly option for disposing of a mattress. Many organizations will take your mattress and recycle it’s components. Before you consider this option, it is best to understand local regulations on recycling mattresses to help you make informed decisions. 

Search online for mattress recycling services within your state using your zip code, to receive local results. Some organizations will pick up the mattress for a small fee however, College HUNKS will certainly take care of the hauling for you. 

Donate it

You can donate your mattress to a local charity organization that accepts mattress donations. However, it is important to consider the age and condition of the mattress before you decide to donate it. 

Local organizations like, homeless shelters, Catholic Charities, and churches, are good places to check. Not all charitable organizations will accept used mattresses. Organizations that do accept mattresses might offer to pick-up the mattress, or you can count on College HUNKS to move it for you.

Give It Away

It may not be easy to donate a used mattress even if it appears to be in good condition due to concerns with bedbugs and mites. In this case, you may need to consider giving it away. 

Ensure the mattress is clean and not damaged before you decide to give it away. If you do not know anyone within your network who is interested in the mattress, use social media channels or online marketplaces so that those interested can see it and reach out. 


Do you have an empty bedroom? Consider moving the old mattress and bedframe in there to create a space for guests or visiting family.

Or, if you are a creative DIY type, you could break down the mattress and use its components to create something new. Wooden frames can be repurposed for gardening beds or creating a compost bin. Mattress coils and springs could be used to create ornaments, candle holders, or other fun crafts. 

Throw It Away

If you feel you can't donate, re-purpose, sell, recycle or give away your mattress, the last option would be to throw it away. Before you throw your mattress, it is best to check local regulations to help you make informed decisions and avoid making mistakes that can get you in trouble. 

You can haul the mattress to a landfill or seek help from a junk removal service such as College HUNKS Hauling Junk & Moving

How College HUNKS Hauling Junk & Moving Can Help

If you are looking for ways to dispose of your mattress, College HUNKS Hauling Junk & Moving can help. We offer junk removal services for mattresses, whether in good or poor condition. We donate or donate up to 70% of the items we take. Contact us today for a consultation.