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7 Tips for Creating the Ultimate Man Cave

June 17, 2022

7 Tips for Creating the Ultimate Man Cave

You’ve had a hard week at work and want to spend some time relaxing or working on your hobbies. Where do you head? Some might chill out in their family room. What if there was a better place? Enter, the man cave. A man cave can give you a space to escape and call your own. If you want to create the ultimate man cave, we’re here to help. Here are seven tips to create the man cave of your dreams.
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1. Cover Your Basics

When it comes to man cave design, the basics should come first. These are the objects and items that you simply can’t go without. 
For many, this includes a large TV with a big couch or impressive armchair. For others, it may include a computer, gaming chair, and desk setup. Some may even want both. Consider writing out a list of your absolute necessities. Then, look at the list and make sure you have enough space to fit everything. If you don’t, you’ll need to take some time to decide what will be left out. If you have extra space, then you can start thinking about other man cave ideas. However, you should only consider this after your big-ticket items are dealt with. Otherwise, you may lose out on something you really want. 

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2. Comfort is Key

Whether you’re on a couch or at a computer chair, chances are that you’ll do plenty of sitting while in your man cave. Therefore comfort is key. Make sure any couches or chairs you put in your man cave are comfortable. You’ll be sitting in them for hours at a time. In fact, outside of work, these may end up being the chairs you sit in the most, so they need to be even more comfortable than normal. 

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3. Make Sure Essentials are In Reach

A man cave is a place you want to spend plenty of your time. So, you want to make sure that your essentials are in reach while you are in the man cave. Otherwise, you’ll end up leaving it regularly. For example, if your man cave is a place you plan to eat and drink, make sure your food and drinks are accessible. A mini-fridge and a small pantry cabinet can solve this issue. Otherwise, you will have to run to the kitchen every time you are hungry or thirsty. 

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4. Consider Any Additions

Adding a man cave to a house can be a great time to at least consider making other additions. These can further enhance the man cave while also serving as valuable additions to your home. If you have a garage man cave or a basement man cave, there is a chance that there is not a bathroom within the room. Depending on how far the bathroom is, this can be very annoying. However, adding a bathroom to the man cave itself solves the issue. If you plan to eat and drink in your man cave, you can consider a bar or kitchen. Both features provide you with a place to stage any food or drinks you want to have. If you want to go all out, you can even make these features more elaborate and use them as a centerpiece of the room. This can be an option even if you are limited to small man cave ideas. A bar can be very small, and the kitchen expansion can be a simple kitchenette. Both serve their purpose without taking up much room. 

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5. Express Yourself

A man cave is an extension of your personality. Because of this, your man cave decor should express the things you enjoy. 
If your man cave is a place to watch football, you can decorate it with your favorite team’s emblems. If your man cave is a place for video games, you can add shelves for character statues and collectibles. If your man cave is a place for movies, posters and memorabilia can flank the walls. In any situation, your man cave can conform to what you like. This way, every time you enter it, you are surrounded by things that make you happy. 

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6. Add a Space for Hobbies

When most people think of man caves, they think of TVs and computers. However, they can be much more than this. Your man cave can be the perfect place to work on your hobbies. If you like woodworking, you can add a woodworking bench to a corner of the room. If you like building Legos, you can have a Lego showcase as well. You can even get more intense depending on your interests. A portion of your man cave could be a dedicated workout room or even a sauna. 

7. Consider the Lighting

Lighting might not be something you normally consider when thinking about a man cave. However, it plays a bigger role than you may initially imagine. Depending on your man cave’s setup, the lighting requirements will be different. This impacts what you do and how well you can do it. If you plan to spend time with video games and movies, a little darkness may be preferable. If there are windows, you want to make sure that the glare from the windows doesn’t ruin the picture on your screen. If you have a pool table or something similar, additional light considerations are necessary. You need to ensure that the table has enough light for the game. 

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Creating the Ultimate Man Cave

A man cave can be the perfect place to rest and unwind or to party and have fun. Keeping the tips here in mind when creating one ensures it will be able to do both. Then, all you have left to do is enjoy your perfect retreat. 

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