College Hunks team member discussing his building leaders story. He mentions his love for his job and that college hunks is hiring.
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Driving a Moving Truck Builds Successful Leaders

September 22, 2021

College HUNKS Hauling Junk and Moving highlights the importance of investing in its people.

The global pandemic brought about a lot of change, particularly in people's mindsets, about work and careers. The "Great Reshuffle" has inspired people to seek out careers that offer more than just regular pay and basic benefits. People want to work for a company that appreciates their value, while also helping them to grow in their personal and professional lives. One company that has long encouraged growth within their organization is College HUNKS Hauling Junk and MovingĀ®, an industry leader in stress-free solutions for moving and junk-hauling needs. In fact, one of their core values is Building Leaders.

"We are committed to upholding our core values and letting our actions speak for themselves. Throughout the years, several team members have grown with our company, starting from our trucks and moving up to leadership roles. It's our people who make us successful, and when they are given the space and opportunity to grow, then we can all grow together," said Nick Friedman, Co-Founder and Visionary of College HUNKS. "After all, if Omar and I can do it (founders and first hunks), we believe it's up to us to help others grow too."

Mike Brienza is an example of a team member who started at an entry-level position and worked his way into a leadership position. Brienza began with College HUNKS on their trucks and is now Corporate Store Director & Franchise Business Consultant. Through his truck experience, Brienza was able to develop a myriad of skills and knowledge that also helped build his resume, including sales, marketing, client relations, in-home services, leadership, and more.

"The College HUNKS culture created an environment that set me up for success and allowed me to take my career on a path that I didn't even know I could explore," said Mike Brienza, Corporate Store Director & Franchise Business Consultant for College HUNKS. "After spending five years with our Long Island location, I was hired by our corporate office to help franchisees all around the country, but the growth didn't stop there. After coaching franchisees for a few years, I was able to advance within the company again."

Wingmen Who Learned To Soar

Brothers Adrian and Austin Thomas both started as wingmen on the College HUNKS trucks in Tampa, FL, and now they serve in leadership roles. Adrian is a Franchise Business Consultant, and Austin is the Director of Operations for the company's Tampa location.

"I cherish the time and all that I have learned at College HUNKS. It has always been more than just a job for me. It's also been my real-world classroom," said Adrian Thomas, Franchise Business Consultant for College HUNKS. "College Hunks gave me the means to put myself through school, while growing mentally, emotionally, and professionally. After graduating, I was able to move up in the company to full time and pursue my dream of speaking to people around the country and eventually worldwide."

Austin Thomas adds, "The company has afforded me a significant life transformation and I'm truly proud of who I've become thanks to College HUNKS. Whatever it is you want in life, this is the place to learn how to make it happen and sustain it over time."

Vasilis "Billy" Markou is another former wingman who took his career with College HUNKS to higher heights. Markou currently serves as National Move Coach & Franchise Business Consultant.

"My journey with College HUNKS has been nothing short of spectacular. Growing up, you are told you need a college degree to succeed, but that is not always true. At College HUNKS, I've learned more about business than what a graduate level education could offer. Through hands-on practical experience on the trucks, operations, and our Brand Central Performance Team, I've acquired a wealth of knowledge that has guided me through a very fulfilling career," he said.

Other team members who have gone on the path of becoming leaders are Angelica Lontok. She started in the Sales and Loyalty Center as a sales agent and is now part of the National Accounts & Strategic Alliance Team as a Booking Agent. Alexa Hebbard also started as a sales agent and is now on the Performance Team as the Franchise Support Specialist. Matt Knapp started as an IT Intern and is now the Director of Product Development.

"Leaders are only as great as their people and throughout our organization, we have some amazing leaders and future leaders," added Friedman. "Our franchise partners live by our core values and are helping build leaders every day."

If you're interested in joining the College HUNKS team to start your Building Leaders story, apply now