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How to Achieve an Industrial Design Theme in Your New Home

October 18, 2021

Industrial Design Decor Tips for Your New Home

Have you moved into your new home and are looking for design themes? Do you value comfort but still want your home to have unique elements?

Then an industrial theme might be for you.

But an industrial theme doesn't mean that your home has to look like the inside of a factory. By incorporating a few key details, you can give your new home a minimalist yet unique look.

If you're wondering how to make your home look industrial, keep reading for these top tips.

industrial style home design

What Is an Industrial Theme?

An industrial theme incorporates elements of commercial spaces into your living space. It's a flexible theme that emphasizes unique textures, comfort, and minimalism.

The industrial theme gained popularity in the 90s when companies began to move their operations to other countries. As a result, many warehouses were empty and were converted into living spaces. 

Instead of completely renovating the inside, architects and designers decided to keep the utilitarian look. This included celebrating (rather than hiding) the practical parts of these old warehouses, such as the exposed brick walls many of us are familiar with.

Now let's get into how you can incorporate this design style into your new home.

Wood desk among metal shelving units to utilize mixed materials in this industrial design themed home

Use Natural Textures

Many minimalist styles use plastic or resin furniture as they don't have many embellishments. 

But these materials don't look the best with the industrial style. 

Instead, use natural textures like wood and metal. Even better, combine the two to get great contrast. 

These natural textures look their best when they're reclaimed. This means that the materials have been reused for a different purpose than their original one.

For example, reclaimed wood could be from an old ship, warehouse, or barn that was demolished. This wood has been air-dried and has a beautiful texture that goes perfectly with any reclaimed metals in your home.

Straight line design in industrial designed home

Focus On Straight Lines

Although a lot of modern furniture opts for curved surfaces or interesting lines, you want to focus on straight lines for the industrial look.

This includes a focus on clean lines, simple shapes, and contrasts between the lines. For example, you could have a rectangular couch contrasted with the straight lines of your coffee table.

Remember that the industrial style emphasizes practicality, so make sure you don't add too many confusing geometric shapes.

Also, watch that you're not adding too many extra lines in the form of couch cushions or pillows. Let details like the color and texture of your sofa stand out and focus on emphasizing the straight lines in these shapes. 

Upcycled accent design pieces nestled in an industrial home decor theme


Upcycling is when you convert old materials into something that you can use once again. When you upcycle items, you don't break them down but change their look and perhaps their purpose.

Upcycled furniture is often sanded, painted, and has details added, like new knobs or handles. 

This type of furniture is a great addition to your industrial-style home as its practicality carries the spirit of industrial design. It's also a budget-friendly and creative way of building an industrial-style home.

industrial style home design

Add Metal

Metal is a huge part of industrial interior design as it is a part of the practical and durable decor and machinery that you'd see in a factory.

You can add either newer metals or reclaimed metals to your industrial-style home. Metal fixtures are key, and you can incorporate them into lighting through lampshades or metal chains that suspend your lights from the ceiling.

Remember that lights aren't the only place you can include metal. Try using metal furniture, like a pewter coffee table or a metal bar stool (just make sure to add a comfortable seat!).

Vintage pendant lights hanging in kitchen

Try Vintage Industrial Lighting

When you think of industrial lighting, you might think of blaring factory lights and long, fluorescent light tubes. Neither of these is an appealing option for home decor. 

But vintage industrial lighting can give your home character while staying within the practical style of industrial design, as these lights were used in factories of old.

Some common elements of vintage industrial lighting include lampshades made of ribbed glass, metal edges like nickel or brass, and lights with metal cages around them.

Industrial home decor including bright colored bar stools

Include Splashes of Color

Industrial style interior design doesn't have to be only black, white, and gray. In fact, splashes of color add more personality to your space without overwhelming a room. 

When you're choosing a color for a room, think about where you want to include color. Do you want to paint a small part of an exposed concrete wall? Or do you want the color to be in the form of an abstract painting as a centerpiece on the wall?

If your home has only black and white colors, think about adding splashes of color like lemon yellow, emerald green, or red.

minimalist bedroom decorated with industrial design accents

Go Minimalist

Minimalist doesn't have to equal boring. While you want to keep the walls uncluttered, this is so that you can emphasize light fixtures, statement wall pieces, and any other details in your home.

Going minimalist also involves removing any clutter from floors, countertops, and anywhere else in your home. 

Remember that the point of going minimalist in an industrial-style home is to let these defining industrial features stand out. The idea is to let details like reclaimed wood and interesting metal fixtures take center stage while everything else works to complement them.

Monochromatic industrial home design theme

Up Your Interior Design With an Industrial Theme

An industrial theme is a great way to incorporate minimalism into your home while adding unique elements that make your home stand out.

Once you go for the minimalism of industrial design, you may find that you now have boxes of things to get rid of.

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