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Moving Into a Storage Rental Facility

May 17, 2021

Moving Into a Storage Rental Facility

Searches for storage facilities are on the rise. Did you know that 10.6% of households rent a storage unit? That equates to roughly 13.5 million households! Some people rent a storage unit because they don’t have enough room for their items within their home, some store items in a storage unit when staging their home to sell, and some people store their belongings in storage because they sold their home and are looking for a new place to live.

Regardless of the reason you’re renting the storage unit, you may need an extra set of hands to help you move your items into the unit. You could request the help of family or friends (although we know that they probably don’t want to help), but then you risk the safety of your items, or worse, owing someone a favor to help them move!

The peace of mind that comes with hiring a professional moving company is not always reflected in the numbers. When weighing out the cost benefits, it is important to note hiring a moving company will ease the stress by eliminating:

  • Hiring a moving truck
  • Paying for gas to transport your stuff
  • Time spent loading the moving truck
  • Time spent packing your stuff for the move
  • Getting the right equipment for making the move
  • Time spent asking family and friends for help
  • Money spent on food and beverages for your volunteer crew

Professional Moving Companies Save Time

Packing up and moving your belongings could take days, weeks, or even months to plan and execute. The amount of time and effort put forth doing these tasks can be less than enjoyable. Additionally, packing your things, loading and unloading, all while accounting for multiple trips can get quite time consuming.

Moving heavy and awkward objects like couches and refrigerators are strenuous tasks for one person. A moving company will handle moving and transporting those heavy objects for you so that you are never on your own. Instead of sweating or stressing over the move, spend your time with friends and family celebrating the move.

Prevent Injuries

When lifting heavy objects there is always potential for injury. Hiring trained movers helps take the load off you. Strained muscles, back injuries, scrapes, and bruises are all common injuries that can often happen when lifting items such as washers, dryers, refrigerators or heavy boxes. If not moved properly those items can cause serious injury (both to yourself and the item). Movers can get the job done without injuring you or your furniture.

Your Belongings Are Insured

Another benefit of hiring movers when transferring your belongings from a residence to a storage unit is that your items are insured. Moving companies offer insurance that make sure if your belongings sustain damage, they are covered. If you choose to move on your own, you are responsible for any damage to your belongings.

Licensed and insured movers will bring a level of efficiency and expertise to the moving process that can reduce your stress level greatly.

Are You Ready to Make the Move?

Moving is always a big moment, but it doesn’t have to be a stressful one. Choosing to hire movers takes the stress off you both physically and mentally and allows you to focus on your other tasks.

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