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Holiday Gift Guide: For The Person Who Has Everything

October 30, 2020

Holiday Gift Guide: For The Person Who Has Everything

We all have someone in our lives who’s super-tough to shop for come gifting season — we get it! We’ve pulled together some outside-the-box ideas to help you get creative.

Firstleaf Wine Club Subscription


Firstleaf is a brilliant new wine subscription model — the brand crafts all of their own wines, which allows them to sell premium-quality bottles at lower prices, and they use an algorithm based on your inputs to curate your personal box each month. It’s America’s #1-awarded wine club!

Le Creuset Cookware




Everyone can appreciate a Le Creuset cookware update — from iconic dutch ovens in gorgeous color palettes to cast-iron skillets and more, it’s a special, timeless gift that elevates any household. Shop the full collection here.

Nest Bedding



Nest Bedding is the leader in organic, natural and non-toxic mattresses and bedding, and what better way to spoil someone who has everything than to give the gift of better sleep? Shop here.

Tile Keychain




We all have a friend or family member who can never find their phone, right? Tile is a tiny Bluetooth tracker and easy-to-use app that finds everyday items — like your phone, keys, and wallet — in seconds. You can even purchase multi-packs to stuff stockings (and decrease headaches) for everyone. Shop here!





Now this may seem like a strange gift, but bare with us. Bidets aren’t just for Europeans anymore! TUSHY is the modern bidet company that saves your butt, saves your money, saves the planet and saves the world. It’s a simple solution for an instant home upgrade that no one will see coming. Shop here.

Nomad Goods Workstation Accessories




Nomad knows a thing or two about working in unconventional spaces, and in 2020, that’s what it’s all about. On the road, or at home, a workspace can be set up anywhere, and Nomad Goods has the high-quality accessories to support a modern business. Shop here!

Caliper CBD




Caliper CBD is powerful CBD, backed by science, that’s made to fit into your everyday life. Each single-dose packet contains precisely 20mg of dissolvable CBD powder, so you can take what you want, when you want, where you want. Learn more and shop here.

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