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How To Find The Right Neighborhood

September 19, 2019

How To Find The Right Neighborhood

When you decide that it's time to start a new chapter in your life and move to a new city, there are a lot of things to look at in order to choose the best area for you and your family. After all, you may love the house, but the neighborhood is an entirely different story.

In order to choose the best neighborhood to move into, here are a few things to consider.

Check the Crime Rates

Of course, you’ll want to know that the neighborhood you may move into is safe. Typically, you can look up crime rates online and even view police reports in larger cities. Keep in mind that certain areas of cities can be safer than others, so weigh your options carefully.

Research School Districts

If you have children, you’ll want to make sure the schools in the area are going to provide your child with a quality education. Research teachers’ reputations and experience, test scores, and any accolades the schools have earned.

Consider Public Transit

If you’re moving to a bigger city, take a look at your transportation options. Is there reliable public transit? Is it affordable? Does it run often enough to allow you to get to and from places quickly and at reasonable times? These are things to consider if you’re hoping to not drive around too much.

Property Taxes

Remind yourself that you aren’t just paying for the price of your home — you’ll pay property tax each year as well. Before you set your sights on a particular neighborhood, do some research to find out what your property tax may be like and if you can afford it.


Does the neighborhood offer good restaurants and bars? Are there clean parks where your dog and children can play? How far is the nearest shopping center or grocery store? The more amenities a town as to offer, the more enjoyable it may be for you and your family.

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