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The Best and Worst Furniture to Take with You When Moving

June 6, 2019

The Best and Worst Furniture to Take with You When Moving

When it comes to packing up and moving your belongings to a new home, one of the best things you can do is prioritize your furniture and only take the best pieces with you. But how exactly do you determine what those pieces are? Well, these are some of the best and worst furniture pieces to take with you when you move.

The Best Furniture

Your Bedroom Set

Between your bed frame, headboard, dresser, and maybe even an armoire, there are a lot of bedroom pieces you have probably spent a lot of money on that should be taken with you when you move. You’ll also want to take it to ensure that you have a comfortable place to sleep the same day you move in.

Your Dining Set

It's no secret that dining room sets can cost a pretty penny, so unless your table and chairs are damaged too badly for repair, it's often a good idea to bring this furniture with you. In some cases, dining sets can also hold sentimental value (if they were passed down from earlier generations) so this isn't something you should leave behind.

Your Couch

Especially if it's made of high-quality material or you only bought it within the last few years, you should definitely take your couch with you when you move. Besides often costing a good chunk of change, your couch likely holds a lot of memories — your kids spend a lot of time watching their favorite movies on there and your favorite team may have made a game-winning play while you watched from that couch.

The Worst Furniture

Old Mattresses

If you've been settling for sleeping on an old, lumpy mattress, now is the time to replace it at your new home, and not bring the old one with you. Don't waste space on your moving truck to take an old mattress — properly junk it, instead.

Children’s Furniture

As you're packing, you may realize that your attic is full of the kids’ old furniture that they have outgrown. While you may want to hold on to it for sentimental reasons, there's no point in doing so if it will only go into the attic or basement of your new home. Find an organization to donate the furniture to or, if it's in bad shape, have it recycled or junked.

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