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Building Leaders

College Hunks Hauling Junk and Moving has four core values that we strive to live daily. One of those core values is Building Leaders, where we encourage our team members to be the best versions of themselves, which in turn may lead to other positions that will further their career.

College Hunks has made it possible for a handful of our U.S.-based Sales and Loyalty Center (SLC) team members to travel to our Jamaica Call Center to train and coach our new team members. This enriching experience is a true building leaders experience for not only the new SLC agents but also for the trainers who are able to share their knowledge on how to provide stress-free service to clients across the nation.

Within our company, we have had multiple team members of the SLC team receive promotions that have led to their new positions in Brand Central. See below to see what they are doing now!

Bridget Tran
Bridget started out as a member of our SLC Team and worked her way up through the company onto our Franchise Performance Team and is now our Franchise Business Consultant: Ramp Up Coach. Bridget has been with CHHJ for over 7 years.

Toni Harvey
Toni started out on our SLC team and was a Supervisor in the SLC. She is now working on our Franchise Development team as our Franchise Development Coordinator. Toni has been with CHHJ for over 6 years now.

Raven Snouffer (pictured with Nick Freidman)
Raven started out on our SLC Team as an Inbound Sales Agent. Raven is now a part of our Franchise Performance Team and is our National Accounts Coordinator. Raven has been with CHHJ for over 2 years.

Niccole Kaio (pictured on the right)
Niccole started out as an SLC agent and then was part of our SLC training team before coming over to our Brand Central Team. Niccole is now part of our Franchise Performance team and is our E-Learning Specialist! Niccole has been with CHHJ for almost 4 years.

Tiffany Davenport (pictured above on the left)
Tiffany began on the SLC Team, beginning as an Inbound Sales Agents then a member of the Customer Service. Tiffany is now on our IT Support Team and is our Technical Solutions Specialist. Tiffany has been with CHHJ for almost 4 years.