Potted plants can bring color to your deck
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6 Ways To Transform Your Deck

October 15, 2018

6 Ways To Transform Your Deck

Spending time out on a deck is a great way to enjoy the weather as well as the company of others. However, decks can become forgotten and worn out over time which creates not only an eyesore but also an area that is unused. Consider these ways to transform your deck to get back out to enjoy the sunshine of your outdoor living area.

Potted plants can bring color to your deck


Plants are a natural and easy way to instantly transform the look of a deck. Consider adding containers of native plants that will be easy to maintain and add a natural landscaping look to your deck. Consider painting some older and worn containers as a way to compliment a new planting that will create interest and natural beauty to the deck.

A well-maintained deck with well-maintained railings


Decks usually have areas that are more worn than others due to regular use. Consider replacing these areas of your deck, like handrails and main walkways, to update the overall look. Using wood for a deck is a great option as most wood is readily available if a repair is needed. Choose wisely when using manufactured materials, like composites, to acquire the same style and color to match the existing decking. Consider purchasing extra decking parts for these upgraded choices to always have them on hand in case something needs to be replaced.

Stone is a creative material for your backyard patio


There are many different styles of decking to choose from when transforming the overall look of your outdoor living space. Consider using composite materials like stone or even recycled wood pallets in order to create a new space. Other ways that you can add interest to a deck is to stain the wood different colors to identify different spaces. Adding decking tiles over an existing wood deck is another way that you can instantly transform the look of your deck as well.

Maintain the bushes and other natural decoration surrounding your deck


Spending a lot of time transforming a deck will go unnoticed if the landscaping around the deck is not maintained. Make sure to keep up on the landscaping by trimming shrubs and trees that are overgrown and encroaching on the deck area. Keep weeds to a minimum around the deck by spreading bark dust or other mulch options. Make sure that the plants around your deck compliment the work that you have done to transform the deck instead of taking away from it.

Vertical containers to maintain a garden on deck


Impress family members, neighbors and friends by adding something that is unexpected when transforming your deck. Things like an outdoor shower for homes near a lake can be both useful as well as impressive. Additional items like large planters or a vertical garden on the side of the home can be a great way to incorporate plants in an unusual way. Adding some built-in bench seating can also upgrade a deck space as well as create more room for guests.

Hanging deck chairs


Adding hanging chairs to your deck can bring a touch of zen and tranquility to the area. In addition to providing tasteful aesthetics and a comfortable place to sit, hanging chairs can actually help relieve neck and back pain. While some decks have overhead support from which you can hang a chair, most do not. Fortunately, there are a number of hanging chairs that come with stands to support them, making installation incredibly easy.

There are plenty of ways to transform your deck to upgrade the overall look of your outdoor living area. Consider adding container plants and keeping on up on the landscaping around your deck to create a polished look. Make sure to use materials for the deck that are easy to replace should a problem occur as well as a mix of materials that work well together. Adding statement pieces that will impress guests are other ways to transform your deck to get more use out of it this year.

Meredith Hale is a gardening and landscape writer, and design addict. She has coordinated the design on many house flipping projects, admitting that her favorite part is creating inspired outdoor spaces.