College Hunks and their truck
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How To Become Move-Ready

June 18, 2018

How To Become Move-Ready

College Hunks and their truck

Moving can be a little tricky and difficult sometimes… but it doesn’t have to be. At College Hunks, we like to make everything as fun and stress-free as possible. Being fully prepared for your next move can save you a lot of stress and maybe even some money. Check out these easy ways you can become move-ready:

Where to start:

The first step to becoming move-ready is by deciding what you want to move and what you want to leave behind. You may have items that you don’t need anymore that aren’t worth moving. Deciding what stays and goes beforehand can save you a lot of unnecessary work. Make sure you take a thorough inventory of what you have and sift through any unwanted items. Some examples of things you may want to leave behind include broken furniture, old clothes, broken dishes, outdated TVs, area rugs, etc. If your items are in good condition and you just want to get rid of them, consider donating your items to a local charity or donation center.

Start packing:

Gather moving supplies. Collect boxes and other supplies like blankets or bubble wrap. You can get boxes from friends, family, your place of work, stores, and even your moving company. When you begin to pack, keep inventory of the items you pack and label the boxes. Numbering or color coding boxes is a popular choice too. Start to pack non-essential items first such as sporting equipment, books, artwork, etc.
Bubble wrap, pillows, towels, linens, blankets, and even clothes could be used to make sure your fragile items arrive at the destination unharmed. Labeling all of your boxes will save you a headache when you arrive at your new residence. Boxes that need to be taken to the kitchen, bedrooms, garage and similar areas need to be labeled accordingly. Kitchen dishes need to be wrapped and stacked vertically instead of flat to prevent against cracks and breaks. Make sure to bundle similar items together such as ski poles, brooms/mops, kitchenware. Try to keep box weight to a minimum. Safety is always the top priority and heavy items can potentially injure you, your family, friends, or movers.

Moving Furniture:

This is where it gets interesting. When moving furniture, you’ll need to first consider what items need to be disassembled and reassembled at the destination. Keep all screws, bolts, and hardware in plastic bags and tape them to the furniture it came from. All scratch-able furniture should be wrapped. Tables, dressers, coffee tables, nightstands, headboards, and chairs are all common items that can bruise or scratch easily. Plastic wrap, blankets, and tape are the main supplies you will need. We recommend that you do not use linens when wrapping furniture since they can rip or become damaged during the move. For dressers or chest of drawers, remove the drawers and stack them to keep weight to a minimum. Prepping furniture will allow you to stack up your items in a truck or trailer and give you more space to use.

Voila! You are now move-ready. Boxes are packed, fragile items are protected, furniture is wrapped and prepped, and now you’re ready to move!