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The 10 Most Unique Pumpkin Carving Ideas For This Halloween

October 27, 2017

The 10 Most Unique Pumpkin Carving Ideas For This Halloween

Halloween is right around the corner, and if you’re like me, you’ve been too busy to carve your pumpkins. With only a few days until the spooky night, you don’t have much time to find the inspiration for the perfect pumpkin. That’s okay though, we got your back! Check out these 10 unique pumpkin carving ideas. Some are spooky, some are cute, and some are down-right genius!


A hole-filled pumpkin

If you’re scared to screw up your pumpkin, or just want to try something new and unique, then this is the pumpkin for you! It won’t be the fastest pumpkin carving choice, but it will cast a lot of light through the hundreds of holes this pumpkin bears.


A pumpkin Jack Skellington

This pumpkin is perfect for any fan of The Nightmare Before Christmas. It’s eery yet cute. The hardest part about carving this pumpkin? Getting the holes for the eyes perfectly straight. Talk about challenging!


A pumpkin prisoner in a pumpkin prison

Ever wondered where the naughty pumpkins go? To jail of course! This pumpkin is unique because it’s two pumpkins in one and they’re both carved differently. Imagine the stories you can tell the children about why the little pumpkin ended up in the slammer. It’s all tricks this Halloween!


A cute kitty pumpkin

This is one of the easier pumpkins to carve, but it still differs from your traditional jack-o-lantern. Any cat lover would flock to get a closer look at this pumpkin. It’s simple, yet effective.


Pac-Man on a pumpkin

All of the 80’s babies are going to love this PacMan pumpkin! It’s unique because it doesn’t have the usual face carved in it – just a tribute to one of the best games ever. (Don’t fight me on this.)


Artistic tree carving on a pumpkin

Here’s another pumpkin that doesn’t live by the jack-o-lantern rules. Who knew a pumpkin could be so beautiful! This pumpkin calls for a steady hand and a talented artist.


A pumpkin cleverly carved to resemble a Volkswagen Van

The Volkswagen Bus pumpkin is one loved by kids and adults alike. It’s a great combination of displaying the inside and outside of the pumpkin to represent the two-toned colors of the old-school van.


A beautiful carving of a flower on a pumpkin

This may just be the most beautiful pumpkin I’ve ever seen. It’s not only unique because it’s carved at different depths to allow different amounts of light to shine through, but also the stem is used for the center of the flower! What a great way to utilize all parts of the pumpkin.


A creepy pumpkin whose stem acts as a nose

Sticking with the theme of carving the top of the pumpkin and utilizing the stem, check out these awesome pumpkins with the stems as noses! It’s always a unique pumpkin when it’s carved in an un-conditional manner.


Cleverly carved pumpkin to feature glowing quills

This is the most unique pumpkin carving idea I’ve seen yet! Instead of carving the pumpkin, this artist used props and shoved lights into it to resemble a porcupine! How adorable!

There you have it – the most unique pumpkin carving ideas for this Halloween! Now that you’re inspired, get out there and make something great.

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