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Decorating Tips For Nomads: How To Choose Décor You Can Take From Place To Place

December 15, 2017

Decorating Tips For Nomads: How To Choose Décor You Can Take From Place To Place

 Packed boxes

When you’re constantly on the move, it can seem like a waste to spend time and money making your new house feel like home. After all, why bother to invest in heavy tables and fragile decor when you’ll just have to lug them around with you? Fortunately, by opting for easy-to-transport furniture and versatile accessories, you can make each move a little easier on yourself and settle into your new place faster. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Choose Reassembled Furniture

Ready-to-assemble furniture can be inexpensive and convenient, but constantly taking it apart and reassembling it each time you move can drive you crazy. Invest in reassembled furniture to save yourself some stress. While traditional furniture is larger and heavier, it doesn’t add to your moving day to-do list. You’ll be able to arrive at your new place and relax without worrying about needing to put your bed or sofa back together.

Buy an Extendable Table

If you never know how much space you’re going to have in your next home, purchase an extendable table with leaves. You’ll be able to easily adjust it to fit a smaller or larger dining room or squeeze it into a moving truck. Find a table made of wood, which is sturdy, classic and not easily damaged. Want something even more versatile? Choose a sturdy folding table that lays flat when it’s not in use. You don’t need to resort to plain plastic—there are many wooden options that offer beauty and function.

Rug laid down before a couch

Lay Down Area Rugs

Redoing your floors can take weeks and cost thousands of dollars—an investment you may not want to commit to if you’ll be out of the house in a year or two. Instead, cover your carpets and hardwood floors in stain-resistant area rugs. They’re a quick and easy way to warm up the space, and you can take them with you when you move. Look for indoor/outdoor rugs, which are durable and easy to clean.

Use a Garment Rack

No coat closet at your new place? Instead of purchasing a heavy coat stand, try a wheeled garment rack. They’re lightweight, easy to move and quick to assemble (or disassemble). If you don’t need it in the future, you can use it in a bedroom or take it apart and store it in a closet or garage.

Stylishly implemented TV table

Add a TV Tray

Skip the large, heavy coffee table in favor of a small TV tray. Whether you choose chic, mid-century wood or an industrial metal option, these give you a convenient place to put your plate, drink, book or computer when you’re hanging out in the living room. Most TV trays are fold-able, so they’re easy to move and store away when you’re not using them.

Stick to Durable Dishware

While a full china set looks beautiful, glass and porcelain dishware can fall and shatter in an instant—and it can be tedious to carefully wrap each dish and cup every time you move. Instead, invest in plastic, metal or wood dishes and cutlery, which won’t need as much TLC during the move. If you love the look and feel of glass dishes, opt for melamine (a glass-like plastic) or shatterproof tempered glass.

Window treatments such as blinds or coverings

Invest in Window Treatments

Though you may not always be able to take window coverings with you from place to place, you shouldn’t skip them altogether. Blinds, shades, and curtains make any home feel instantly cozier. Drapes are a good option for temporary living situations because there’s a good chance you can use them in your next place. Whether your style is modern or traditional, look for options that showcase your personality.

If you’ve invested in custom-made blinds or shades and can’t take them with you, try selling them with your home (you may be able to negotiate them into the price), repurposing them into room dividers or art projects, or donating them to a friend or charity.

Make Moving Easier

Though it’s tough to move frequently, you can make it a simpler process the next time around with easy-to-handle furniture and décor. Need an extra hand? College Hunks offers full-service moving solutions.