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5 Tiny Homes That Will Make You Consider Downsizing

Tiny homes are gaining popularity due to their attractive price points, the desire to live simply, or a want for a new challenge in one’s life. Tiny homes come in all shapes and sizes, some are as small as 100 square feet and can typically go as large as 400 square feet.

1. The “Full-Size” Tiny Home

This home is equipped with a full size kitchen, standard bath tub, and two lofts. It’s also on wheels so you can take it with you wherever you go.

Tiny wooden house surrounded by trees and green grass Kitchen table next to window inside tiny house Cabinets, kitchen, table, and stairs inside tiny house

2. The Industrial Tiny Home

This tiny home is for anyone that craves a modern-industrial theme. This home has floating rebar steps, a full-sized washing machine and kitchen, propane cooktop and plenty of storage.

Outside of grey, two-story tiny house Plywood floating shelves on grey wall of inside of tiny house Large, dimly lit sink area and black counter top in tiny house Grey walls and honey-colored wood floors and cabinetry inside tiny house

3. The Lumber Tiny Home

The lumber Tiny Home is a portable home. These provide more freedom and decrease one’s environmental footprint. The designer even incorporated a barn door that separates the kitchen and doubles as a closet door!

White walls, loft storage space, and couch with accent pillows inside tiny house Fan with short blades inside tiny house Lightly colored sliding wooden door inside tiny house

4. The Solar-Powered Tiny Home

This 238 square foot tiny home is solar powered. It also has a 35-square-foot wet room/shower, built-in shelving, and a spiral staircase to the rooftop deck!

Flower boxes and solar panels on outside of tiny home Couch space by window and countertop covered in pictures inside tiny home Stone-colored tile backsplash, black countertop, and lightly colored wood cabinets and walls Empty wall and couch inside tiny home with books stored above wall line

5. The Double Loft Tiny Home

This tiny home is equipped with 10-foot ceilings, full-sized shower, two lofts, and a Lazy Susan for storage!

Wooden tiny home on wheels Sectional view of loft, ladder, and downstairs living space inside tiny home Stairs leading down from loft area to downstairs in tiny house