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Helpful Tips For Packing Your Valuables

May 20, 2016

Helpful Tips For Packing Your Valuables

Before you pack, make a note of all of your valuables. You’ll want to document the condition that items are in before the move. The easiest way to do this is to take a picture of it. Having photos will make it easier to make a claim if there are any incidents. Also, know your insurance options. If you’re using a moving company, find out what type of insurance is included and if there’s any available for purchase. Homeowners insurance can also provide insurance for moves. Call your insurance company to find out the coverage.


  • If possible, pack electronics in their original boxes. The manufacturer knows how the items should be packaged for maximum security, so this packaging should ensure the safety of the items.
  • Specialty boxes can be purchased for items like glasses, guitars, TV’s, etc. These boxes are designed specifically to an item and how best to protect it.
  • When packing valuables in boxes, periodically shake the box to make sure none of the items move. If they do, add more padding.
  • Label boxes with valuables as fragile.
  • Plasma TV’s should never be laid flat. Make sure that their box is in the upright position.
  • Check out some specialty boxes here.

Dishes and Cups

  • Padding should be placed at the bottom of the box before any items are loaded.
  • Plates should be packed upright, or on their sides, not flat. This reduces the risk of them shattering if the truck hits a bump.
  • Remember to evenly distribute the weight in the box.
  • Wrap the stem of glassware separately. Then wrap the entire item.
  • Cups and bowls can be packed stacked, as long as there is paper in between.

Paperwork and Documents

  • To keep all of your paperwork and documents safe and together, place them in a filing folder. You’ll have all of the items together, but they can be sorted for easy finding.


  • Wrap glass items with bubble wrap or paper (the bubbles should be facing away from the item).
  • Use paper without ink on it. The ink can rub off onto the items.

Art Work

  • Wrap artwork in bubble wrap or paper. Then place it in a frame box.
  • If you have an oil painting, do not wrap paper around it. The paper can stick to the painting and ruin it.

If you follow these helpful tips for packing your valuables, your move should be fairly easy and create no damage on your items. However, accidents do occasionally happen, but that’s why you have insurance!

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