Hidden cabinets storing one's appliances in the kitchen
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11 Secret Storage Solutions You'll Wish You Had In Your Home

December 22, 2016

11 Secret Storage Solutions You'll Wish You Had In Your Home

Admit it, your house needs more storage. So you can do a combination of three things (1) move into a new house, (2) rent a storage unit, or (3) add secret storage to your current home, because we know you’re not getting rid of all of your belongings. Today we’ll talk about ways that you can store your items in secret.

1. Secret Storage for Kitchen Appliances

Secret Kitchen Storage

Create a cubby in your kitchen cabinets to hide bulky kitchen appliances like blenders, mixers, and toasters. Then just slide the door up to easily access these often-used items.

2. Stair Shelving

Pull-out shelving from underneath the stairs filled with shoes

Don’t waste the space beneath your stairs. Create shelved drawers to hide your loose items. If your stairs are near your entryway, store your shoes in this secret storage spot to keep them from littering your foyer.

3. Small but Significant Storage

Storage hidden within picture frames

Do you have small items that you want to keep hidden like cash, keys, or valuables? Store these items in picture frames. Your guests won’t know the difference – they’ll just see your adorable family and/or pets.

4. Hang Your Pots & Pans

Hangars for pots and pans in the kitchen

Aren’t you tired of having your pots and pans stacked on one another? Do you cast a prayer every time you grab one, hoping that they don’t tumble to the ground? I know I do. So this storage solution is that secretive since it’s probably going in the same spot that you currently store your pots and pans, but it does make a world of difference. Bonus points because this storage tip reduces scratches on your items.

5. Between a Fridge & a Hard Place

Roll-out spice rack between the wall and fridge

The space between your fridge and wall (or counters) has no real purpose until you squeeze a hidden spice rack in it. It will fill up that space and save you from struggling to sweep it and will provide you with additional storage. It’s a win-win. Depending on the width of the space, you could also give your canned goods a home in this secret storage spot.

6. You No Longer Have to Crawl Under the Deck

Storage Stored Within Deck or Patio Floor Boards

Underneath the deck is a huge space that can be used for storage, but it’s damp, dirty, and may be home to rats and snakes. Instead of crawling on your hands and knees through the dark, create trap doors in your deck to safely store items.

7. X Marks The Spot

Picnic table that folds up and flattens into the wall

Does your dining room table take up too much room? Consider storing it on the wall to create space. Then when it’s time to eat, unfold it! This provides plenty of room for entertaining and creates a unique conversation piece!

8. Not Another Brick in the Wall

Storage space hidden behind picture frames within a brick wall

You can hide items behind pictures. Just create wall shelving and stick some artwork in front of it. This secret storage solution can also hide unattractive items like the breaker box.

9. Secret Sill Storage

If you have a deep window sill, you can create a hidden drawer that can store smaller items. You can store jewelry in the bedroom, remotes in the living room, and utensils in the kitchen. This storage solution can be used all over your house!

10. It’s in the Wall

Cabinet doors that open to reveal an entertainment center within the wall

Items around the TV can often distract the viewer from what’s on the TV. Use doors to hide items like the cable box, DVD’s, books, game consoles, etc.

11. What’s Under the Bed?

Storage beneath the mattress of the bed

Instead of blindly reaching under the bed, lift up the mattress to see what you have. Beneath the bed is a huge space to store your less-used items.