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How To Get The Most Value From A Junk Removal Company

March 30, 2009

How To Get The Most Value From A Junk Removal Company

When people think of junk removal companies, they typically need to remove unwanted items, such as old furniture, broken appliances, construction debris, or yard waste that they otherwise cannot dispose of themselves.

Most professional junk removal companies provide a two-man junk team, a large truck, and a dolly. To get the best value when hiring a junk removal company, follow these eight simple rules:

  • UNDERSTAND THE PRICING: Typically, the cost of the junk removal depends on the AMOUNT of junk you want to dispose of. If you have fewer items to get rid of, then you will pay a lower price..
  • DISCOUNTED SERVICE: Often, special discounts are available for those who take advantage of online booking.
  • ON THE PHONE: Junk removal companies usually have toll-free customer care representatives available 24 hours a day. We recommend choosing a junk removal whose customer care representatives are professional, friendly and helpful. When speaking with a customer care representative, inquire about whether the company is fully licensed, bonded and insured. Also, inquire whether the junk removal company recycles or donates the items that they remove – ask for a recycling percentage.
  • SETTING THE APPOINTMENT: Book early in the morning – you will get a team that is ready to work – not tired from a hard day of removing junk.
  • WHEN TO BOOK THE APPOINTMENTBook your junk removal appointment in the middle of the week (Wednesday or Thursday). Weekends and days early in the week are often times fully booked.
  • PREPARATION: Leave the junk where it lies – DO NOT bring the items to curbside. Typically, the labor and loading is included in the price. Professional junk removal companies are experts in removing unwanted items from WHEREVER they are located in your residence or office.
  • DURING THE JUNK REMOVAL: Do not hide monitors or TV’s in boxes. Tell the employees that you have a monitor or television to dispose of and they will make a point of recycling it!
  • AFTER THE JUNK REMOVAL: If you have hazardous material, let the team know about it. They will provide you with the proper disposal authority.

PLEASE NOTE: Most of junk removal companies do not pick up hazardous waste (paint, batteries, cleaning solvents, gasoline, oil, etc).