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Matt Knapp

Director of Product Development

As Director of Product Development I provide strategic guidance for the organization and the advancement of all IT systems. I vehemently study the customer journey and look for out of the box ways to improve our customer experience. As a senior leader of the organization I meet regularly with our leadership team to provide context and insight into IT-related projects. Additionally, I lead our 2 IT teams, support and development. Our support team helps our franchise partners and users when they have questions about our software. They also handle the networking, infrastructure and hosting for all of our platforms and building systems. Our development team handles customization of our platforms including API's, our web-based scheduling platform and our proprietary mobile app.

Starting out as an intern at College HUNKS, I quickly noticed that our off-the-shelf scheduling platform had lots of opportunity for advancement. As the first IT hire at College HUNKS, I knew that I had the ability to make a huge impact by bringing our IT systems into the 21st century. I began working nights and weekends on a complete replacement of our off-the-shelf platform and in September of 2015, we launched the application that I designed and developed. This overhaul gave our team mobile-friendly platforms and brought the control of our scheduling in house. Since then, our IT team has grown 8x from 2015 and I have the opportunity to come up with ideas to advance our systems even further.

In 2019, I was fortunate enough to be recognized as a 2019 CIO of the Year honoree by the Tampa Bay Business Journal

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