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Training and Support - An Up-Close Look at College HUNKS Franchisee Training

February 21, 2020

Training and Support - An Up-Close Look at College HUNKS Franchisee Training

Training and Support - An Up-Close Look at College HUNKS Franchisee Training

Why is College HUNKS one of the fastest growing franchises in the US? Because they focus on training new franchisees to succeed. At Brand Central, new franchisees undergo an intensive week of training in Tampa. At HUNK University, new franchisees work with a multitude of business coaches and trainers that show them how to succeed in their locations after they open. Here’s a closer look at CHHJ’s training specialists.

The air crackles with electricity, charged with energy that’s palpable. You’ve just arrived at International Headquarters and it’s intense. You’ve already had a week of pre-training, with a 100-point checklist under your belt, sorting out the nuts and bolts of the business with Brand Central specialists online and by phone. They walked you through ordering the trucks, setting up insurance, setting up an initial marketing inventory and so much more. Now you’re in Tampa and it’s GO TIME! Welcome to College HUNKS Hauling Junk & Moving’s legendary HUNK University and an intensive “seven-day deep dive” into the world of junk removal and moving franchises!

Day 1: Intro to innovative culture and vision of the College HUNKS brand.

At Brand Central, new franchisees work with a variety of different CHHJ specialists.

  • Matt Knapp, Director of Product Development for IT says the typical CHHJ franchisee, “Is someone that is willing to put a lot of effort into growing their brand. This is not an easy money-making scheme,” Knapp explained, “It takes that grit, and tenacity. If you’re going to want to put your blood, sweat and tears into something you’re going to want to make yours.” With that tenacity and investment of time, Knapp confirmed that you will “see a return on your investment in terms of revenue and overall satisfaction.”

Day 2: Shadowing moving and junk removal crews at existing locations

Hands on training at existing locations gets franchisees into the mix, on the front lines.

  • Brendan Powers, Franchise Business Coach works directly with franchise owners, covering all aspects of their franchise ownership. “Leadership is all about the people,” Powers said, “Invest in your people, that’s what separates us from other companies.” Continuing, Powers explained, “Take time to learn your people, what motivates them, what pushes them. That, to me, is what outperforming locations do differently than locations that are struggling.”

Day 3: Tackling office projects, including formulating estimates and dispatching crews

CHHJ Brand Central’s National Account Coordinator, Raven Snouffer, creates and maintains national partnerships.

  • A self-admitted skeptic of “company culture,” Snouffer admits the CHHJ environment is a wonderful place; it’s accepting and diverse. When asked how Brand Central helps new franchise partners, Snouffer quips, “It would be easier to say how they don’t. It’s data, it’s software, it’s marketing, it’s national accounts, it’s a little bit of everything.”

Day 4 & 5: Developing sales and marketing strategies for the grand opening and further down the road

Jessca Frigo, Marketing Innovation Strategist, says successful franchisees need to be consistent in everything they are doing in marketing their locations.

  • “When things get busy,” Jessica said, “that’s when things like marketing start to slip.” According to Frigo, on top of being consistent with marketing, “outperforming locations are the result of tailoring your marketing to the culture of your location.”

About that further down the road part,

Bridget Tran, Franchise Business Consultant Ramp-up Specialist, works with new location owners from the day they open until about the six-month mark.

  • “We focus on ramping up their market,” Tran says, “helping saturate the brand in their market.” Tran explained that Brand Central helps new franchisees convert leads into jobs, increase the size of average jobs, and “help them create a successful operation by consulting with them on specific benchmarks.”

Day 6 & 7: All things technical

Then there’s the award-winning software platform and the multitude of online tutorials available to new franchise owners. Niccole Kaio, Brand Central’s E-learning Specialist said that many resources are available to new franchise partners after the initial training week, including:

  • An online knowledge base
  • An online management system
  • Franchise business coaches with specializations
  • Pre-opening coaches
  • Ramping up coaches
  • So many more items

Kaio revealed that, “We’re in the process of revamping our training. Even though our training is rated top-notch,” she said, “We believe you can always improve.”

With an entrepreneurial mindset, an emphasis on training and a focus on helping new franchisees succeed, it’s no surprise that College HUNKS is one of the fastest growing companies in the country! Want to learn more about owning a College HUNKS franchise? Just fill out our online form!