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The Importance of Communicating With Customers | College H.U.N.K.S.® Hauling Junk & Moving388

Just like with any relationship, communication is what makes things work—and your relationship with your franchise location’s customers is no different!

Moving is a complicated life event, and because your franchise is tasked with serving people in the thick of such a stressful occurrence, keeping in touch at every step of the way can do wonders for everyone’s peace of mind.

As a franchise that thrives on exceptional customer satisfaction, we want to make sure that every customer that interacts with us feels great after they do—and by having a plan for keeping in touch, our franchisees can be sure they continue to hit the mark with every move.

Why Good Customer Communication Is So Important

Everyone’s expectations are clear. As people plan for their move, they have a plethora of things to stress about—and of course, no one is perfect. Communicating well with customers at the booking stage can make sure that they have the right expectations for what will happen when our Hunks arrive and be certain they have not forgotten to include anything important regarding their move details.

You can create repeat customers. While people typically do not move on a regular basis, with all of our services, we still see quite a few repeat customers who need junk hauled, donations picked up or furniture moved around their home even after a move. By creating a great communication experience with them from the get-go, you are encouraging them to come to us for all their hauling needs in addition to using us for their next move, whenever that may be.

Customers will feel like they matter. Unfortunately, we have all had less-than-favorable customer service experiences in the past—whether it was someone being downright unhelpful or simply treating you like you were just another call to make, the feeling after getting off a bad service call is familiar. That is why we always want to treat our customers like the real humans they are. It is easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle, but we believe that no one is too busy to take time out of their day to make our customers feel like they matter.

If you are ready to implement a communications plan for your franchise location, give us a shout! We set all of our franchisees up to succeed. Contact us to learn more.