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College Hunks Sales Have Grown 500% Since 2013

July 16, 2018

Record-high revenues show how our franchise opportunity continues to rise

It’s probably the most important question you can ask while investigating any business opportunity: “What kind of revenues can I bring in?” With College Hunks, the answer is getting better every year.

Our system generated nearly $100 million in total sales in 2017 and average revenue at individual franchise locations reached a new high of $946,319, according to our 2018 Franchise Disclosure Document. And we’re getting stronger every year – since 2013, we’ve seen 500% systemwide growth and 113% growth in average sales.

“We haven’t even scratched the surface of what we can do and the amount of potential business that is out there,” says Atlanta-area multi-territory franchisee Roger Panitch. Panitch’s franchise made the most recent Inc. list of fastest-growing companies in America, fulfilling the growth potential he saw in the brand from the very beginning. “The fun that I felt that I could have doing this, and the ability to grow it and scale it and see where I could go with it, that was very intriguing to me.”

For even more detail on our revenues, low-cost franchise investment, operating costs and average gross profit, straight from the financial performance section of our Franchise Disclosure Document, fill out the form on this page.

Award-winning, rapid-growth franchise opportunity

It’s not just our sales that are growing. We’re also growing our footprint, rising from our humble beginnings to a nationwide force in the junk removal and moving industries, with more than 250 territories owned by more than 100 franchisees from coast to coast.

“I really like to say that we’re now a grown-up brand,” says Panitch, who opened his franchise in 2009. “When I started, there were three people in our corporate office and two people in the call center. We now have over 100 reps in the call center alone. We have an entire Brand Central team of 40+ employees. We have support for accounting, IT and marketing. We have over 100 franchisees now because our system works.”

And our reputation is growing, too. The College Hunks franchise opportunity has won numerous awards from highly respected publications in the business and franchising worlds, including Entrepreneur and Inc.


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