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2019 Will Be A Big Year For College Hunks Hauling Junk & Moving

December 18, 2018

With our big plans for growth and a new focus on smaller markets, it’s a great time to buy one of our junk hauling and moving franchises

College Hunks Hauling Junk & Moving is closing out strong on 2018, and we’re excited for the year ahead. We’re planning to add at least 30 new franchise locations 2019, and we’re also looking at new initiatives to improve the bottom line and at breaking out of our traditional territories to target growth in smaller markets.

We’ll end 2018 with 110 College Hunks Hauling Junk & Moving franchises, and plan to be at 140 units this time next year.

Expanding into smaller markets

“We’re super excited about this upcoming year,” says Dana Hansen, Director of Franchise Development. “We just did an analysis of markets that we feel are going to be really prime for us.”

College Hunks has performed well in larger metropolitan territories, but we’ve also seen success in non-traditional markets that are smaller than our typical areas. Think Columbus, Ohio; Dayton, Ohio; Memphis, TN.

“What’s unique about our brand is that we have opportunity to be successful in markets that are not necessarily huge markets,” Hansen says. “We have new owners that are in smaller markets that are doing very well. We’re doing really well in small markets like Fort Myers, FL, and Bloomington, NC, and we want to replicate that success across the country.”

No matter the territory size, we’re looking for A-players to join our team. Franchise owners should be prepared to take the helm as executives in their own business while providing leadership to their team members. We would like to especially encourage military veterans to consider investing in a College Hunks franchise.

Improving the bottom line for franchisees

We also have several initiatives that are expected to both improve the customer experience and the bottom line for franchisees.

One involves an app that franchisees have already been using to help manage their teams and deploy resources to job sites. We’re adding new functionality such as allowing customers to track the truck when it’s on the way to their house — part of our ongoing mission to make moving and junk removal less stressful for customers. Improvements to the app should also reduce paperwork for franchisees and streamline some back office functions, eliminating some labor hours and freeing up more time for growing the business.

We are also developing a national auto insurance program, which will allow us to negotiate better premiums — again bending the cost curve in franchisees’ favor. To maximize potential savings, we are developing a safety and compliance program that should provide assurance to insurers — as well as customers.

Learn more

College Hunks is carrying a lot of momentum into 2019, so if you’d like to learn more about our junk hauling and moving franchise opportunity, please visit our research pages.