Tracy Visconti and his daughters
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College Hunks Franchise Review: Customer Experience Analyst Trades Casino Industry For Junk Hauling And Moving Franchise

February 16, 2016

Q&A with Tracy Visconti, who recently launched his College Hunks Hauling Junk and Moving franchise in Las Vegas   

Before launching his College Hunks Hauling Junk and Moving franchise in Las Vegas in November, Tracy Visconti spent his days crunching data for casinos, studying customer experiences and analyzing how different marketing and pricing strategies could generate the strongest financial results. Before then, he studied consumer insights for MTV, and for Showtime.

He made a career out of understanding what drives customer behavior and loyalty, so when he decided he was ready to own his own business, he was thrilled when he found College Hunks Hauling Junk and Moving.

“I was wowed by what College Hunks had to offer,” he says. “(Co-founders) Omar (Soliman) and Nick (Friedman) are brilliant guys. I loved the marketing of the business, and their numbers were really solid — and that is coming from a numbers guy, a market research guy. So I was quite impressed.”

Tracy recently spoke with us about his journey from the Las Vegas Strip to owning a junk hauling and moving franchise.

Why did you decide to change careers and do something different?

I always had a dream of going into business for myself. That was why I wanted to do something different. This would make it a reality.

How would you contrast that with what you were doing before?

I would contrast that from what I was doing before as going from the dark side to the bright side. Having more control over my destiny. And steering where things go, rather than being kind of herded around like cattle. Being in more control.

What led you to look into franchising, and why did you decide on College Hunks?

I partnered with an organization called FranNet, and they helped me navigate the waters in terms of different franchises to explore, and I attended numerous Discovery Days and ultimately was wowed by what College Hunks had to offer. (Co-founders) Omar (Soliman) and Nick (Friedman) are brilliant guys. I loved the marketing of the business, and their numbers were really solid — and that is coming from a numbers guy, a market research guy. So I was quite impressed.

What should customers and potential Hunks know about your business?  

What customers and potential Hunks should know about our business is that we are honest, uniformed, nice, knowledgeable service players who provide exceptional service. We’re clean cut, a notch above everything else, and really a pleasure to do business with.

Why is your service needed?

People are coming and going in Las Vegas all the time. Our service is needed by just about everybody who steps foot into the State of Nevada. Moving and decluttering are a universal need. People move into a starter place, move on to other homes, and need to get rid of things along the way. That’s where we come in. And we’re really a great company to partner with. We have wonderful individuals working with us, and we’re doing something great for young professionals.

What would you say is the genius of this brand, College Hunks? What makes it different than competitors?

I think the youthfulness, the friendliness, the fun factor is huge. People are stressed out when they are moving, or need to clear a lot of stuff out of their home, and we bring an experience with a lot of color and enjoyment and a smile along with it.

Tracy Visconti and his daughters

How excited are you about getting started with all this?  

I’m really, really excited. We’ve got plenty of candidates coming in here talking about how wonderful it would be to work here, and I’m really ecstatic to get going.

Are you still putting your team together?

Yes. I’m still assembling the team.

What are you looking for in the people for your team?

Enthusiasm, passion, and just a hunger to succeed.

How did the headquarters team help you as you looked into the business and got ready to open?

Headquarters helped me start the business by basically sharing with me the successful formula that has worked time and time again for well over 60 different franchisees across America.

Everything with marketing savvy to, basically, a game plan to come out of the gates and ramp up really quickly.

Do you have any family members involved in the business?

I’m a single parent. I have two beautiful daughters, Sarah and Delphine, and they both have their outfits. They are College Hunkettes, and I’m really excited to share this journey with them.

Is there anything else that you’d like to say about your business?

I’m really excited to get going with the team here. I have nothing but the highest respect for the owners, Nick and Omar, as well as the corporate team. There’s a lot of energy there, which does not exist everywhere. Believe me, I’ve been a number of places. The energy there is really good — solid — and it really won me over. I was impressed to begin with, but that really was important.

What are your goals for the business?

My goal for the business is to initially start with junk removal and then later expand into moving, then expand into other territories within the Las Vegas Valley, and eventually become the pre-eminent junk hauler/moving service in the State of Nevada. My goal would be to be established as the fun service to go to for moving and junk removal services, who also gives back to the community, and that helps out young professionals — college students who just graduated — into really getting going on their careers and to ultimately help them become successful.      

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