CJ: College Hunks Hauling Junk's Mascot.
Three men in front of a moving truck, holding furniture.

Meet Our Grosse Pointe Team

Our dedicated College HUNKS team is highly trained and ready to serve you. Each HUNK is carefully selected and chosen to live up to the HUNKS name of being Honest, Uniformed, Nice, Knowledgeable and Service driven. We always strive to provide you with a completely stress-free experience! Here are some of the members on our team who you might interact with on the day of your service:

  • Mike Hackett

    General Manager

    Mike Hackett brings 12 years of experience in franchising operations to the CHHJ - Grosse Pointe team. As founder of Syphus Training Franchises, a fitness-industry concept, Hackett led all operations of the company including managing all corporate-owned units, intellectual property licensing, brand management and protection, employee training, business relations and growth initiatives. Hackett has extensive knowledge in franchising law and operational procedures. By joining the Hunks, Mr. Hackett hopes to apply his experience to help the CHHJ - GP franchise become one of the top performing units of College Hunks. In his spare time, Mike enjoys exercising, metal detecting, coin collecting, painting and hanging out with his wife and son.

  • Stevey Hagerman headshot.

    Stevey Hagerman


  • Ashton Pongratz


    Ashton holds the honor of our inaugural Hunk of the Month back in June 2021. He has always displayed a great attitude while on the job, and is very easy to work with. He's a big time listener/creator of music and also holds the title of the most unique diet any HUNK maintains.

  • College Hunk employee.

    Terence OBrien


  • Tyler Mowatt


    Tyler is one of our 'high school Hunks' who has proven to be a valuable asset to the team. Swimming has made him a better HUNK, and we like to think his work here with us has made him a better swimmer! When he's not swimming or studying, you can find Tyler fixing many things (such as cars).

  • Gregory Hurst


    Greg is our hockey playing high school hunk that moves on land as if he was wearing skates on ice. His contagious energy and positive attitude are definitely an asset to the group!

  • Parrish Pierce


    Our September 2021 Hunk of the Month is a friendly and gentle HUNK. When not working, you may find him working out or practicing his artistic talents. He is a strong advocate for Safety First at all times and is a great guy to have on your side.

  • Christopher Pappas headshot.

    Christopher Pappas

    Operations Manager

  • Isaiah Valero headshot.

    Isaiah Valero


  • Brianna Hund headshot.

    Brianna Hund


  • John Bujak


    'JB' is a part time student and full time HUNK Captain. When not dunking on people on the basketball court, he dedicates a lot of his time to Animal Shelters and looking after his family.

  • Elizah Bealey headshot.

    Elizah Bealey


  • Reij Bealey headshot.

    Reij Bealey


  • Allen Hawkins headshot.

    Allen Hawkins


  • Austin Najjar headshot.

    Austin Najjar


  • Noah Jarnot headshot.

    Noah Jarnot


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