Our Moving Franchise Is Built To Scale

College HUNKS Junk Removal and Moving Franchises Are Designed to Scale Up Quickly

From The Ground Up

There’s a simple reason that College HUNKS Hauling Junk & Moving® became a media darling, and it goes beyond the catchy name for the business. Omar Soliman discovered massive unmet demand for junk removal services when he first started the business in Washington, D.C., as a way to make money in the summer of 2003 with help from his best friend, Nick Friedman. They decided to pursue the business in earnest in 2005. Within two years, they were generating seven-figure revenue.


Growing The Company

Nick and Omar quickly learned that they couldn’t do everything themselves if they wanted to grow the business. They re-read The E-Myth, which stresses the importance of creating systems to help duplicate success within a business and guide other people to help them work productively and help the business achieve scale. Our moving and junk removal franchise owners today benefit from the systems that Omar and Nick created, which has powered consistent growth. The original College HUNKS operation in Washington, D.C., is still in growth mode, and its success is being duplicated by operations nationwide.

Advanced Systems to Help You Grow

Among the many systems you receive as a College HUNKS franchise partner is a Truckonomics guide that helps you gauge the numbers of your junk removal and moving franchise opportunities. It helps you determine when it’s the right time to add another truck to your fleet, for example.

Patrick Lombardi bought the Nashville franchise of College HUNKS Hauling Junk & Moving® in November 2012 with help from cousin and co-owner Stephen Bienko, who also owns locations in New Jersey and Florida. Patrick notes that the Nashville business has been able to ramp up quickly, from just two trucks when they first bought the franchise to eight trucks in spring 2014. Each truck represents revenue growth for the Nashville franchise.

Monthly Sales Per Truck

A breakdown of all income and costs of a single truck per month.
Monthly Sales Per Truck – Junk
Jobs Per Day 3.5 Assuming truck performs 3.5 jobs per day and operates 10 hours per day
Average Revenue Per Job $346 Not including recycling income
Work Days Per Month 26 Based upon operation 6 days per week (Mon-Sat)
Monthly Gross Sales $31,000
Monthly Cost Per Truck – Payroll Related (6 Days Per Week Operating 10 Hours Per Day)*
Driver Lead $3,380 $13.00 per hour at 3,120 hours per year (6*10*52) (assumes bonus incl.)
Wingman $2,860 $11.00 per hour at 3,120 hours per year (6*10*52)
FICA/FUTA/SUTA $665 10.65% (7.65% + 3%) of personnel costs (driver + navigator)
Workers Comp $936 15% of personnel costs (driver + navigator)
Monthly Costs – Fuel Per Truck and Other Variable Costs
Fuel & Other Variable Truck Costs $1,240 4% of monthly Gross Junk Sales (Tracking, Fuel, Parketing, Tolls)
Disposal/Transfer Fees $2,170 7% of monthly Gross Junk Sales
Vehicle Insurance $750 Per truck - decreases as additional trucks added
Truck Payment $1,000 Assuming truck is financed/leased
Local Advertising $3,100 10% of Sales
Truck Maintenance $300 Oil changes, tires, tarp replacement, etc.
Continuing Royalty Fee $2,170 7% of monthly Gross Sales
First Contact Sales & Loyalty Center Fund $2,210 Assuming $945 ($799 Junk Only) flat fee plus call center bookings needed for 4 jobs per day ($19 per booking)
National Brand Development Fund $620 2% of monthly Gross Sales
Total Monthly Costs** $21,206
Plus Recycling Income $620 Approximately 2% of monthly Gross Sales

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