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What to Look for in a New Hire at Your Franchise | College H.U.N.K.S.® Hauling Junk & Moving

Hiring decisions are not always easy. And as a franchise owner, you likely consider them one of the harder mistakes you have to make as a leader.

While you are the captain of your franchise, your employees are like your crew—and finding the right group of people to work with can go a long way to ensuring your business operation is smooth sailing.

So how do you figure out exactly what you want out of a new hire? While there are some prerequisites required for every position, outside of the specifics, things are often open to interpretation. Here is how you can make sure you are making the right hiring decisions for your franchise.

Making the Right Hiring Decisions at Your Franchise

It’s all about the attitude. Having a good attitude can get you through a lot of difficult things in life, and having employees with good attitudes can get your franchise through a lot of difficult things, too. There is mounting evidence that having a positive attitude in the workplace is valuable, so as you conduct the interviews, look for positive people with generally sunny demeanors.

Common sense helps, too. You have probably heard the old saying about how common sense is not so common, but it definitely should be among your franchise employees. For any type of problem-solving or critical thinking skills, finding someone with common sense can go a long way into how smoothly issues are handled. Someone saying or doing the wrong thing in a difficult moment can completely change the customer's opinion of the business, but someone who has good common sense skills will be less likely to make these mistakes.

Leadership potential goes a long way. Even if you are not hiring for a leadership role, finding people who are natural leaders is a good way to give the future of your business a boost. When possible, promoting from within is the preferred method, so make sure you are setting up your employees’ development pipeline so you have plenty of potential leaders will help you succeed.

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