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Why Being Eco-Friendly is Important for Junk Haulers

Have you noticed how environmentally responsible practices and initiatives have grown from an individual thing, where you recycle items, use cloth shopping bags and your own stainless-steel straws, into an entire movement? “Reduce, reuse, recycle” - the rallying cry of the green movement - has grown to include sustainable, eco-friendly businesses. Given the fact that junk haulers deal directly with items that, in the past were most likely headed to landfills, eco-friendly junk haulers stand on the front line of green efforts to create changes that can help save our planet. Why is being eco-friendly so important for junk haulers?

Now, more than ever, consumers are supporting environmentally responsible businesses:

  • Consumers respond to companies that care about the community and the bigger picture.
  • College HUNKS is proud of the fact that we recycle or donate 70% of the items we haul off
  • We dispose of the non-recyclable items we haul off in the most responsible ways possible.

Consumers want to work with businesses that practice eco-friendly initiatives to reduce the use of our natural resources:

  • We promote reusing and the repurposing of items we haul off.
  • We can donate your items to the charity of your choice, be it Goodwill, Habitat for Humanity or another group.

Eco-friendly businesses promote sustainable standard operating procedures

  • An integral part of College HUNKS Hauling Junk and Moving’s business model deals with franchise partners teaching location crews leadership skills that will ready their crew members for career opportunities with corporate or as franchise owners if they wish. These skills will help crew members succeed in any business endeavor they pursue beyond college.
  • New franchise partners are thoroughly trained and mentored, with as much help from corporate as they need, to grow their businesses, along with a wealth of videos and manuals at their fingertips.

Eco-friendly companies are connected to their communities in a larger way

  • Studies by the Recycling Partnership revealed that 42% of Americans admit that they don’t recycle.
  • Companies like College HUNKS, with an environmentally responsible stance, remind us to recycle or donate items to keep landfills from filling up with our cast-off stuff.

Eco-friendly companies lead efforts to lift up their communities; social activism appeals to consumer confidence:

  • College HUNKS partners with Feeding Children Everywhere, donating 2 meals for every junk removal job we perform.
  • In 2019, we exceeded our goals, donating 1 million meals to children and families in need.
  • We volunteer our services to Feeding Children Everywhere, as part of their Hunger Project initiative, working to make a tangible difference in children’s lives, by ending hunger around the world.
  • College HUNKS also partners with many other social causes, including transitional care, moving people into assisted living facilities and providing stress-free moving services.

In a time when the UN’s Sustainable Development Agenda encourages everyone to adopt eco-friendly stances, it helps when businesses step up to reduce, reuse, and recycle items that will help make a difference in the future of our planet.

With a laser focus on customer service, sustainable growth, and an entrepreneurial spirit built into College HUNKS’ business model, we’re always looking for ways to incorporate more eco-friendly practices into our company. Want to learn how you can make a difference as a College HUNKS Hauling Junk and Moving franchise partner? Please fill out our form to download our free franchise report.