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Annual Founders Day Showcases Our Strong Franchisee Support

Co-founders Nick and Omar put themselves to work in the call center, celebrating our company culture of providing consistent support from all levels of the corporation.

College Hunks Hauling Junk and Moving was founded in June 2005 as simply College Hunks Hauling Junk with just Omar Soliman and his pal from high school, Nick Friedman, and the seed of a brilliant idea. Before the company started offering junk hauling and moving franchise opportunities, it started with one truck, two guys, and a mix of hard work and vision.

“We answered the phones, we hauled the junk, we talked to customers, and obviously as the company grew, we became less involved in those activities,” said Soliman, CEO and co-founder. “So for us, Founder’s Day is an opportunity to connect with our front-line team members and to connect with our customers.”

Remembering our beginnings

Headshot of Omar SolimanFounder’s Day is a big event in which Soliman and Friedman brush up on their old skills by challenging their top customers service and sales agents in a competition to to see who can schedule more appointments. Some years, they’ve actually gone back out on the trucks to haul junk.

“We have a lot of fun,” Soliman says. “And then we have a big party at the office where there’s food and cake and it’s just a great way to celebrate the founding of the company.”

Both Soliman and Friedman tried other careers right out of college, but they felt unfulfilled. That’s why they returned to the College Hunks idea, and they grew the company from there. Today, there are over 100 franchises nationwide and in Canada, and we’ve added moving franchise opportunities to the original junk hauling concept. We’re continuing to grow. Our footprint, overall company revenue, and average franchisee sales continue to rise year after year.

Your values are our values

Key to our sustained success is a shared Code of Values that everyone, from our World Headquarters to our individual franchisees, incorporates into their day-to-day operations. Those values are:

  • Always Branding — which means always being professional and aware of how others see you, whether or not you are with a customer.
  • Building Leaders — which means mentoring employees to help them learn and take on responsibility, and advance in business and in life.
  • Listen, Fulfill and Delight — which means paying attention to others and showing extra courtesy or adding a little spark to their day.
  • Creating a Fun, Enthusiastic Team Environment — which is the kind of environment in which morale is high and people flourish.

“Founder’s Day is really just a testament to our core values and the culture that we have,” says Soliman. “It’s a competitive culture and it’s also a fun culture, so we like to get out there and compete even though we get our butts handed to us.”

Demonstrating those values on our leadership team really helps set the tone for everyone in the College Hunks family. There may be no better example than the outcome of this year’s scheduling competition between our founders and our top people.

“One of our team members scheduled 15 jobs. We scheduled, like, four. So, it wasn’t much of a contest,” Soliman says. “We got blown away for sure.”

And isn’t that the end result they’d hope for?

“Yes,” Soliman says. “That’s exactly what we want.”

Junk hauling and moving franchise opportunities

If you’re interested in the College Hunks Hauling Junk and Moving franchise opportunity, please fill out the form on this page. You can also explore more details about our brand on our research pages.