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Award-winning Franchisees Showcase The Potential With Our Small Business Opportunity

Talented people and a set of guiding values make College Hunks a strong small business opportunity with potential to scale for ambitious entrepreneurs

As a College Hunks owner, you’ll be joining an entire network of talented entrepreneurs who know what it’s like to take a small business opportunity and build it into something special. It’s what each of our franchisees has done, like Roger Panitch of Atlanta, who made the Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing companies, or Brad Westerman of Falls Church, VA, who recently won an Outstanding Franchise Business award from SCORE.

It’s also exactly what our founders did when they first started their junk removal business. College Hunks started with two friends looking to make some money during a college summer break; now it’s an innovative, award-winning, 100-unit-strong nationwide franchise.

An entire network of talented small business owners

The most valuable part of any company is the people. As College Hunks has grown, we’ve been joined by a number of other successful, growth-focused entrepreneurs who saw that we’ve been building a scalable franchise opportunity and wanted to help us continue to building it into a nationwide brand.

INC. 5000 logo

Take, for example, franchisee Roger Panitch of Norcross, GA, serving the Atlanta area. He’s achieved such strong growth with his team that he was ranked on the Inc. 5000, a ranking of the fastest-growing companies in the country. He’s in good company, ranking with our entire franchise and numerous other large, national brands.

Or consider franchisee Brad Westerman of Falls Church, VA, who received the “Outstanding Franchise Business” award from SCORE, a business mentoring organization. He credits his success to the level of service he and his team provide to clients, telling SCORE, “We physically move things, but we also strive to help in times of transition to the clients we serve.”

Quality service for clients and franchisees

Quality is key for all of our franchisees, and for our corporate team. We have a set of core values that are crucial for the success of our junk removal franchise as a whole, and they only work with the collaboration of each individual franchise. They help keep the focus on providing excellent client service while also helping our franchisees build a business with a culture that they love and are proud to be a part of. Those values include:

  • Always Branding
  • Building Leaders
  • Listen, Fulfill and Delight
  • Creating a Fun, Enthusiastic Team Environment

At our headquarters, those same values impact every one of our efforts to help our franchisees succeed. With the support we offer, like our national call center and Marketing Gameplan, our franchisees have a small business opportunity with the resources of a national franchise.

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If you’d like to find out more about how College Hunks strives to be the best moving franchise to invest in, please fill out a form and start a conversation. We look forward to answering your questions.