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Street Smart Franchising author on why College Hunks is a Next Big Brand

Author shares 7 reasons College Hunks Hauling Junk and Moving is becoming an iconic brand

Joe Mathews has been in the franchise industry for more than 30 years, and has helped build iconic brands. He started his career at Subway, back when it was a regional chain with a few hundred locations and helped it grow into the franchise industry behemoth it is today. He took the lessons he learned, and has used them as a consultant to help other franchise companies achieve breakthroughs in franchisee relations, growth, and brand development.

At College Hunks Hauling Junk, we love to read about successful businesses and learn from successful leaders, so we first became aware of Joe by reading his best-selling book Street Smart Franchising, a book that arms entrepreneurs with the information they need to understand franchising and evaluate franchise opportunities.

Joe explains why he was excited to discover us! His main source of excitement: “All the systems are battle tested, proven, and franchisees are doing well BUT it’s not so big that there’s no opportunity left.” In short, the business has strong foundations, and still has room for growth, which creates fertile ground for franchisees looking to build a great business.

Joe sees seven reasons to be excited:

  • Branding. The founders have done an amazing job of generating media exposure. College hunks Hauling Junk has been featured on Shark Tank, Blue Collar Millionaire, Oprah, and other TV shows. The brand is very well-known even though there is still a lot of open territory.
  • Unit-level economics. College Hunks and its franchisees have seen strong revenue growth.
  • Industry positioning. Most big moving companies focus on interstate moves. College Hunks competes with local movers and uses sophisticated SEO marketing and call centers to win customers in a fragmented industry.
  • Leadership. The co-founders have made smart moves to create systems and a support structure that’s not only strong — it’s also scalable.
  • Culture. The company has a culture of teamwork, leadership and excellence. It feels like being part of a sports team.
  • Entry cost. Franchisees can get started with well under $50,000 in cash.
  • Scalability. You don’t have to take on multiple territories in order to grow. To scale, you add trucks, and you can use financing to add trucks with no money down.

These are just a few highlights from Joe’s insights into what makes our brand tick.

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