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Call Center’s Forecasting Helps College Hunks Franchisees Deliver Consistent Great Service

Rain in Southern California, snow in New England, spring break in the Southwest — how can a removal and moving franchise plan ahead?

A College Hunks Hauling Junk removal and moving franchise owner has plenty to do without worrying about the weather. Happily, he or she has a call center to handle that chore — and many others.

The College Hunks Sales and Loyalty Center, located at our corporate headquarters in Tampa, Florida, provides many resources to College Hunks Hauling Junk franchise owners. Scheduling and estimate fulfillment for callers and email requests are the backbone of the center, but it also works to help each franchise work efficiently through forecasting services around everything from weather to employee availability.

Ready for rapid ramp-up

“We pay a lot of attention to the seasons, not just for the franchise owners but for our operations here,” explains Tim Heidemann, the center’s director. “Moving and junk removal is a year-round business, but some seasons are much busier than others. We work hard to be ready here and to help our franchise owners be ready, as well.”

At the center, that means ramping up from around 20 employees during the winter months to as many as 60 during spring, summer and early fall. Recent upgrades to the telephone and IT systems in the Sales and Loyalty Center mean that it can handle these employee fluctuations easily, Tim says, as well as the rise in callers and online requests that warmer weather brings.

Assessing needs, making recommendations

“We see large spikes in the early spring and early fall,” he says. “We also do a lot of advance scheduling. For that, we look at where the franchise is and all the factors that affect their business. If they are in the north, chances are they’ll have snow on the ground or other issues in January. If they are in a college town, they may have a lighter workforce around spring break or summer vacation.”

Because the College Hunks Hauling Junk corporate team is in close contact with franchise owners all the time, we’re also checking in and getting information on other variables that might affect service, so it’s a constantly growing system of support.

“Our job is not just to help our franchise owners book business and provide excellent service to the client, but also to anticipate their needs,” Tim says. “School schedules, weather, their annual patterns of busy and slow periods … we look at all that information and help them so that they’ve got a steady stream of bookings and the manpower they need throughout the year.”

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