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Vivid Vision: College Hunks Hauling Junk Plans Explosive 3-Year Growth

A vision, backed up by action steps and plenty of input from current and future franchise owners, showcases a 2018 beyond the imagination

Dreaming big has never been a problem for College Hunks Hauling Junk. The company has routinely shattered its goals and benchmarks during its first decade of operation. Now that can-do attitude is looking ahead to 2018 and laying out goals in Vivid Vision, a blueprint for action.

“We are one of the most-recognized brands in the country, an iconic brand that has been compared to Starbucks, Zappos, Ritz-Carlton and Disney,” say co-founders Nick Friedman and Omar Soliman. “Our growth is a direct result of hard work and commitment to the company purpose to MOVE THE WORLD, to our core values, and to realizing our vision of being the largest, most popular employer of a collegiate workforce in the country.”

Bringing back the American Dream

College Hunks Hauling Junk’s success has meant that entrepreneurs have been able to realize the dream of owning their own business. Those franchise owners, in turn, mentor and train their employees on best business practices and much more. And when they graduate college, it’s a sure bet that those men and women will share those values with the young people they mentor and employ.

The company’s success also hinges on its transformational approach to customer service. “We build relationships and create a unique experience with our clients on every job,” say Nick and Omar. “That will help us meet three major milestones by 2018: $100 million in system-wide annual revenue, 150 franchise owners, and staying 100 percent privately owned and self-financed.”

The road to 2018

Even with all the success it’s had, College Hunks Hauling Junk is far from complete. More than junk haulers, more than movers, this is an organization that embraces change, and it is putting the systems and people in place to continue absorbing more and more market share en route to becoming the dominant player in the field. To do so, franchise owners and team members are being asked to step up — and they have proven their desire to do so.

“We are evolving our people, our systems, and our culture, all of which will drive our growth,” say Nick and Omar. “Without the incredible dedication of our franchise owners and teams, we could never dream this big. All day, every day, they work with us to make College Hunks Hauling Junk the amazing place that it is now and certainly will be in the future.”

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