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Temecula Franchise Opportunity

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Growing steadily in population for the past decade, Temecula, California is a prosperous city where the average household income is $112,860. In 2021, Temecula registered its highest population level ever with 115,055 residents—a 14.94% increase over 2010’s 100,097 residents, according to the US Census. Temecula’s population is also younger than the national average of thirty-seven, with the average age of men being thirty-four and women 35.5. This southwestern California city’s location between Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Diego—and its designation within the state’s innovation hub (iHub) and the San Diego Foreign Trade Zone—makes it a desirable place for professionals and affluent young families to move to.

Temecula, which is rated as one of the top twenty least expensive cities to do business in within California by the Kosmont-Rose Institute, is considered an ideal place for businesses interested in relocating to, expanding in, or creating a new project in Southern California.

Branded as Southern California Wine Country, Temecula attracts about three million visitors per year who spend about $1.1 billion annually in the city, according to the Temecula Chamber of Commerce. The city’s resorts and Temecula Valley Wine Country are a significant part of its economy, which also receives an annual boost from the Temecula Valley Balloon & Wine Festival and the Temecula Valley International Film Festival.

With all this growth and its soaring economy, Temecula is a hot spot and the perfect place for a College HUNKS Hauling Junk & Moving® franchise. Now is the right time to open a franchise that meets the needs of Temecula’s residents such as donation pickups, labor services, junk hauling, and moving. With College HUNKS’ proven business model behind the franchise, Temecula’s go-to business for these services will soon be none other than College HUNKS Hauling Junk & Moving.

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Why is Owning a College HUNKS Franchise in Temecula a Great Decision?

Location, location, location. Because of Temecula’s proximity to Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Diego, your franchise will pick up business from all these densely populated cities. Our franchise has proven to be flexible and both pandemic- and recession-proof, making your investment a smart move. We provide an unparalleled low-cost franchise opportunity with impressive growth potential because we have already identified Temecula as a target market.

Everything considered, it costs between $108,700 and $273,200 to operate a College HUNKS franchise. The cost varies depending on whether you intend to offer both junk removal as well as moving, or just one service. We recommend offering both moving and junk hauling because it allows for increased opportunities to provide services in and around Temecula and people who need one service often need the other too. 

This investment includes at least $40,000 to $60,000 for the Franchise Fee as well as working capital to cover the first six months of business expenses. While this cost is substantial, you are making a sound investment based on a successful track record. The average College HUNKS franchise revenue grew by an impressive 337% in the past seven years, from $442,000 to $1,311,000 in 2020 as we expanded our market share in the junk hauling and moving industries.

Our franchise partners succeed because they use the College HUNKS Hauling Junk & Moving smart business model, which allows them to be executives in their own business. As America’s fastest growing moving and junk hauler, Entrepreneur has added College HUNKS to their list of top franchise opportunities for five consecutive years and counting and we are in the top 3% of the best franchises to own in the United States. How can you say no to that?

Owning a Temecula Franchise with College HUNKS is the Ticket to Success

The consistent support from Brand Central, our Headquarters, is a major contributing factor behind the success of College HUNKS franchise owners across the brand. Our in-house Sales and Loyalty Center (call center) in Tampa, has over two hundred representatives taking inbound calls and making outbound calls as well as booking jobs for all locations in the franchise. Additionally, College HUNKS franchise owners have marketing coaches, franchise business coaches, and in-house bookkeeping services and technology that allow them to run their businesses successfully no matter where they are. Interestingly, very few franchise partners have prior industry experience and College HUNKS franchise owners are not driving trucks or doing the heavy lifting either.

What to Expect When You Are a College HUNKS Franchise Owner in Temecula

Write your own success story with College HUNKS Hauling Junk & Moving in the wealthy Temecula market. Fill out the form to receive our free Franchise Information Report, which includes the Item 19 Financial Performance Representations to potential franchise owners. By reading this report, you’ll learn what to expect and get one step closer to joining the fastest-growing network of moving and junk hauling entrepreneurs in the US and Canada.

Our no-pressure, stress-free process for considering our franchise opportunity in Temecula allows you to ask questions and offers you in-depth training to ensure your success.