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Boston Franchise Opportunity

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Join the College HUNKS team with our Franchise Opportunity in Boston

Described by the New York Times as a city that has turned its population growth rate around, Boston grew 9.3% between the 2010 and 2020 US Census counts. The city, which is home to 675,647 people, had nearly double the population growth rate of Massachusetts overall during the same period. As the capital of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, the city of Boston is where thousands of state and municipal employees work, while the area is also known for manufacturing machinery, innovative medical and navigational instruments, chemicals, metals, clothing, computers, software, ships, textiles, and much more. Investment firms and insurance companies have a significant presence in Boston, which also boasts several of the nation’s top educational institutions as drivers of its economy.

Boston’s overall economy began gaining momentum in 2021 as the effects of the pandemic lessened, according to the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston. The city, which is one of the nation’s top ten tourist attractions with sixty-two historic sites, is also seeing an uptick in tourism, which fuels its restaurant and hospitality industries.

With all the growth Boston is seeing, it is the right time to open a College HUNKS Hauling Junk & Moving® franchise to meet the needs of the city’s residents. A franchise opportunity with College HUNKS in a major city like Boston is sure to be a tremendous success for anyone looking to be their own boss and lead a team of hardworking individuals within a proven business model. College HUNKS is aiming to become Boston’s go-to residential and commercial junk hauling and moving business with this expansion. Boston’s residents could also make the most of labor services and donation pickups offered by the College HUNKS team.

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Franchising with College HUNKS in Boston is Your Next Smart Decision

There is no better way to take advantage of Boston’s population growth trend than to own your own College HUNKS Hauling Junk & Moving franchise. Our award-winning business model is flexible and proven to be pandemic- and recession-proof also offers a low-cost franchise opportunity with tremendous growth potential and Boston is our next major market. We are in the top 3% of the best franchises to own in the United States, and Entrepreneur has added us to their list of top franchise opportunities for five consecutive years and counting—we feel confident franchising in Boston with College HUNKS could change your life.

The industry for waste management and junk removal exceeds $10 billion annually in the US, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, College HUNKS franchisees did not see things slowing down for long. Now is the prime time to jump into our successful franchise in Boston offering moving and junk hauling services.

The total investment necessary to begin operating a College HUNKS franchise ranges between $108,700 and $273,200, which varies depending on whether you intend to offer both junk removal and moving or just one service. We encourage offering both moving and junk hauling services because it allows more opportunities to provide services for the people of Boston and we have found that when someone needs one service, they often need the other too.

This investment includes at least $40,000 to $60,000 for the Franchise Fee as well as working capital to cover your business’s expenses during the first six months of operations. Considering that the average College HUNKS franchise revenue grew by an impressive 337% in the past seven years, from $442,000 to $1,311,000 in 2020, this is a sound investment in your future and an incredible opportunity to be a business owner.

Why Franchising with College HUNKS is Your Key to Success

One of the key aspects driving the success of College HUNKS franchises is the never-ending support from our Headquarters—Brand Central. This includes over two hundred agents at our in-house Sales and Loyalty Center (call center) in Tampa, Florida taking inbound calls and making outbound calls booking jobs for franchise owners across the brand. All College HUNKS franchise owners also have marketing coaches, franchise business coaches, in-house bookkeeping services, and technology that allows them to run their businesses successfully. College HUNKS franchise owners are not driving trucks or doing any heavy lifting—they are leading their business. And, interestingly, very few of them have prior industry experience and this has not hampered anyone’s success.

Franchising with College HUNKS in Boston: What to Expect

Learn more about how you can bring the College HUNKS Hauling Junk & Moving success story to the bustling, historic city of Boston by requesting our free Franchise Information Report, which includes the Item 19 Financial Performance Representations to potential franchise owners. Complete the form and learn what you can expect as you take a step closer to becoming part of the fastest-growing network of moving and junk hauling entrepreneurs in the nation and beyond.

Our no-pressure, stress-free process for exploring the franchise opportunity available in Boston will give you the chance to ask questions and participate in in-depth training.