Founders Nick and Omar Standing Before a College Hunks Truck

Effortless Entrepreneur: The Book

Written by the Co-Founders of College HUNKS Hauling Junk & Moving®

“Effortless Entrepreneur” begins with a foreword by Michael Gerber, author of the bestselling E-Myth Mastery Series. Nick Friedman and Omar Soliman were honored to have an endorsement from such a widely recognized and respected entrepreneur and mentor to aspiring entrepreneurs, and himself a successful author.


Ten Commandments For Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Nick Friedman and Omar Soliman were aspiring entrepreneurs themselves when they started the multi-million-dollar franchise College HUNKS Hauling Junk & Moving® while each was only 22 years old, and they’ve been having the time of their lives ever since. What’s their secret?

That’s just it– here isn’t one. Friedman and Soliman merely followed 10 common sense commandments to building a straightforward, fun, and successful business that does a simple job well. Anyone can understand it and anyone can do it.

What The Experts Say

Reviews of “Effortless Entrepreneur”

  • Fred DeLuca, Founder of Subway: “This is THE book for anyone who has contemplated starting a business. An inspirational and insightful book about the 21st-century entrepreneur.”
  • Ted Leonsis, Chairman of AOL, Owner of the Washington Capitols: “A book that any aspiring entrepreneur must read. It should be distributed in business classes across the country.”
  • George Foreman, Former Heavyweight Champion of the World: “Read this book. Read, read. If you want to be a champion, learn from two of the greatest!”
  • H. Wayne Huizenga, Founder of Waste Management, Owner of the Miami Dolphins: “If you want to unlock the simple secrets of success and happiness in school and in life, then Nick and Omar’s easy-to-follow principles are for you.”
  • Ann Rhoades, Co-Founder of Jet Blue Airways: “I laughed and I learned at the same time…”