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Starting Your Year with an Updated Home

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As we continue to settle into the new year (and new decade), you may find yourself itching to make some changes throughout your home. In our opinion, you might as well start off your year by upgrading a few areas of your house. But where exactly do you begin? Well, there are a few places and items that you can easily step up a level.

How to Upgrade Your Home in the New Year

Declutter and Organize

Sick of having to rummage through your closet for 10 minutes every morning just to find a single shirt? Take a weekend to declutter and sort through all of your clothing and decide what you want to keep, donate, or junk.

Once you’ve taken care of your bedroom, go through the rest of your home and do the same. Then, invest in a few organizational systems — closet organization for bedrooms, utensil separators for your kitchen cabinets and draws, cubbies and storage bins for the living room.

Swap Out Plumbing Fixtures

Looking to update the look of your bathroom all while decreasing the amount you spend on monthly utility bills? Why not upgrade your fixtures? Simply swapping out old showerheads or faucets, you can limit the amount of water you use, cut down your utility bills, and give your room a fresh and modern look.

Change Up Decor

Have your bedroom walls been the same shade of beige for the past 10 years? Does your living room furniture look like it belongs in the 1970s? Upgrade all of that! Repaint rooms to give them a fresher look, junk or donate old furniture, replace them with more modern pieces, and swap older decorative knick knacks for more aesthetically-pleasing ones.

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