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Things to Remember When Moving Offices

Whether you’re switching from your home office to an official spot in a commercial building or you’re migrating your entire team to a larger space, moving offices can be stressful and chaotic. After all, there are so many things that need extra care, especially if you work in an industry with strict privacy laws.

In order to ensure your furniture, electronics, and sensitive paperwork make it to your new space safely, here are a few things to remember when moving offices.

Check If Some Equipment Requires Special Moving

If you’re moving certain items such as lab equipment, certain types of electronics, or manufacturing equipment, you may not legally be allowed to transport those items yourself. Before you move anything, check with your vendor or provider as to who is permitted to move those things. If you’re junking anything, you’ll also want to ensure you’re recycling your electronics safely.

Seal Off Important Documents

If you’re in any business sector that has written privacy codes, such as finance, medical, or legal, you don’t want to risk any chance of your client’s information being compromised. Seal off boxes or other containers that hold private documentation, and consider hiring professionals to transport those boxes for extra security.

Consider How Much Furniture There Is

It’s one thing to move a single desk or a handful of boxes, but have you thought about how much manual labor goes into moving an entire office? Unless you want to spend days exhausting yourself and moving everything on your own, you’d be wise to hire some extra manpower to help.

Besides offering a few extra sets of hands, professional movers are trained to be able to carry and move heavy desks and other office furniture and protect it from damage. With all the money you spent getting that furniture, you’ll want to ensure it makes it to the new space safely, won’t you?

At College HUNKS.®, we’ll use our expertise to efficiently pack each piece of equipment in a timely manner to ensure a quick and easy office move. We use only the most advanced equipment to finish the job with minimal downtime, so you and your staff can get back to running your business. Get started with us today!